Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting to know Andre Austin

I have said before on FH that when I find an image I love I often get as interested, sometimes more interested, in the person or persons behind the lens than who is front of it.

I have been profiling some wonderful models and many talented photographers for a few years now. Recently I became interested in finding out more about some of the other talented artists and professionals who play large roles in creating some of the amazing shots I have been fortunate enough to be able to share on the blog. I reached out to a few of my favorite stylists, make-up artists and fashion editors and will be sharing some of their work on the blog.

Above: Fashion Editor Andre Austin

Everyone who reads FH, or any other blog or site featuring fashion, not to mention beautiful men is aware of the work of Rick Day. Rick Day has an incredible reputation with both models and his fellow photographers. Many agencies send their models to Rick to have shots with his distinct look and style. No matter what the personality of the model, through Rick Day's lens, they are transformed. An inner strength is brought to the surface through a rare blend of both vulnerability and raw sexuality.

Last month when I profiled the wonderful photographer and artist J Whitney, he said;

'I think a signature look can be a good thing just as long as you continue to evolve. One of my favorites is Rick Day because you immediately recognize his style, however, when he puts up a fashion shot you think WOW! that's unique and so different from what you generally see in his fine art work which is always incredible.'

When looking back at some of my favorite Fashion editorials my mind went straight to Rick Day's 'Slave of Love'. The story of 'Slave of Love' was for Book Moda Pret-a-Porter (Spring/Summer 10-New York Edition-Darkness) Book Moda is one of the industries leading fashion magazines.

'Slave of Love' is a work of art. Beautifully dark, dramatic, using fashion and visual artistry to tell the story. Since this is FH it does not hurt it also involves several beautiful men. Included in the shoot are two of my favorite models Cameron Bailey and Tanner Tillung both of whom I have featured on FH in the past. I love Cameron's look and Tanner has a beauty far beyond the surface. The Fashion Editor for 'Slave of Love' was the talented Andre Austin. Andre graciously agreed to answer my questions about his work and about the shoot.

Below: A bit more of Andre's work.

Mate Magazine Issue#27
Photographer: RickDayNYC
Fashion Editor: Andre Austin
Model: Carlos Freire @Major

It is the model and photographer who generally get the attention for that perfect shot. But, like a great movie, the actor and the director cannot do their jobs without countless other talented individuals. Although the life of a fashion editor may be filled with glamour, parties and beautiful models, it is also filled with hard work and long hours. The fashion editor is there to make sure everything is ready before the photographer, and long before the model arrives on set. They are also usually there long after the others have left. A fashion editor is in charge of guiding the direction of a shoot in terms of clothing, accessories and shoes and often the overall look. The Fashion Editor selects & edits all wardrobe.

Above: Model Vania Bileva from Code Models

Below: Some of the wardrobe for 'Slave Of Love'

For over a decade, Andre Austin has crafted looks, created images and captured trends. A highly regarded stylist & fashion expert. Andre is currently contributing to i-D, Esquire, Aventura, Neo2, Complex, Rolling Stone, Mate, Glamour, Book Moda (prĂȘt-a-porter) magazines. Andre’s trademark sensibility is always apparent. Mixing high-end trends with street flare. (Andre can also be found on

Andre has worked with photographers, Terry Richardson, Annie Leibovitz, Rick Day, Sante D’Orazio, Robert Maxwell, Randall Slavin, Sheryl Nields, Pieter Henket, Norman Jean Roy, Michael Lavine & Kwaku Alston.

In addition to his editorial work Andre has styled for many celebrities including, Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicky Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Chris Brown, Backstreet Boys, Wyclef Jean, Ryan Leslie & Mary J Blige.

You can check out more of Andre and his amazing work at his official site HERE: You check him out on Twitter HERE: and or Facebook HERE:. Until then scroll below and enjoy the beauty that is 'Slave Of Love'

Rick Day's Slave To Love: Fashion Editor : Andre Austin


Book Moda Pret-a-Porter (Spring/Summer 10-New York Edition-Darkness)

Photographed by: Rick Day
Fashion Editor: Andre Austin
Hair & Make-up: Stephanie Carranza

Vania Bileva @Code Models
Cameron Bailey @Click Models
Tanner Tillung @Click Models
Michael Ramm @Empire Models

Model selection was made by Rick Day & Steve Benisty, as the Fashion Editor Andre was on board for the initial concept & to confer with casting. All wardrobe was chosen by Andre.

Andre tells me the inspiration behind the story was woman in control. She has her
choice of men when she wants them, the power.

This is accomplished through the fashion, the colors, the set and the staging of each shot. Vania is clearly front and center in each shot with 'her men' naked, vulnerable and at her disposal. Her eyes speak of power but as well longing. Even with everything she could possibly want she still appears to be seeking.

Andre says that once the first shot was up, they knew they had something special. He also remembers the guys running around naked and Rick telling them to at least put something on their feet. because feet are hard to clean in post.

Thanks to Andre Austin for providing FH with some backstage shots!

Cameron on set.

Cameron & Vania

Rick Day on Set.

Below: Steven Benisty (Rick's agent/booker) and Stephanie with the models.

Below: Vania & the models.

Favorite Pic Of The Day for July 2nd

Just the pic of the day today.
I have profiled Jonathan Isaiah before on FH. This shot is not only one of my favorites shots of him but as well one of my favorite shots by the photographer, Scott Hoover.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a truly 'Beautiful' Day at FH