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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 13th

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Happy Birthday today January 13th

Celebrating a beautiful 41st full Bloom!

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Five & Ten

Briley by Suntown Photo

'I thought about what changes I might like to make in year seven. Drop the birthdays? Post less often? Move to a tumblr? Write less?'

Joe P by Studio1x

The quote above comes from a small piece I wrote around the time FH was turning 7. Every year, around the site's anniversary I think about the future of FH. Do I want to continue, do I want to continue the same format, the same design, the same focus. Every year I think about changing, but thus far, have always stuck with the same formula.  Last year, when FH moved into decade #2, those 'should I continue' thoughts again began swirling around. Tumblrs have always been an easy alternative, and new sites like OnlyFans has caused some artists and models to have less interest in a site like FH.

Harrison by takeapic4u

Ultimately though,  I always find new work, new images and new inspiration that motivate me to continue. Images and artists and shoots I get excited to share.  All of the images in this piece are actually images that I didn't have room for in original stories that I put together in 2017. I still get excited to discover new work, new artists and new models. I still get excited uncovering interesting stories about the male form, whether it be focused on a model or photographer, a celebrity or nude scene, or the male form in a news or other media story.

Rush Firestone by Virgin Islands Pictures

Maybe most importantly, I love the relationships FH has helped create. The photographers and models who have contributed their work over the years, becoming regular, and welcome parts of FH. It is those artists in particular, the artists whose work I have loved and followed, the artists who support my featuring their work again and again. I also am motivated by the large and loyal group of readers who check in every day or two. The readers who e-mail asking 'what's up' when I have not updated in a few days, and the readers who e-mail asking for more images of the artists and models they love and connect with.

Jacob Dillon

Yet... I know FH is in need of a make-over. Although I love the five post a day format I have been doing, it feels a bit tired and outdated to me lately. I love what I have accomplished with FH and the incredible artists who have trusted me to share their work and don't want FH becoming a Myspace. (If it hasn't already)  So.... a needed format change is coming.

I am not exactly sure when, I am still struggling with abandoning the five post format that I have been doing for so long. It may be next week, next month or the summer. But, by leaving the five post format, I hope some of the 'news' content may be fresher. Instead of waiting to have a full artist profile, or of waiting for a full five posts, I can post anytime a piece is ready.   This may not mean more content, but will mean FH is updated more frequently as stories are ready to go. We shall see how, and when... it goes....

Jonah by MW Photo MD

A Vintage Vantage: Brandon De Wilde

I had never heard of actor Brandon De Wilde (sometimes spelled deWilde) until late last year while watching a airing of the 1963 Paul Newman film Hud. As some of you might remember, I used to have an issue with films made before I was born, especially black and white films. I am not sure why, but most of my life, I avoided them like the plague. Thankfully, with some great suggestions some blog readers and friends, I have fully embraced classic films, and now usually prefer them over most of the movies currently being made.

After Elizabeth Taylor died, I watched many of her films, including one of my favorites, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Newman. (A Ton of Bricks) This led me to a couple of other of Newman's Southern themed movies, Sweet Bird of Youth and The Long Hot Summer. I decided to branch out last year, enjoying Newman's turn in Cool Hand Luke, which I posted about HERE: This had me looking forward to check out his role in Hud.

With Patty Duke presenting at The Academy Awards, 1964

I can't say I nessessarily enjoyed Hud as much as the other Newman films I watched, but the performances were all top notch, especially Newman, Melvyn Douglas (who won Best Supporting Actor ) and especially Patrica Neal who won a Best Actress Oscar for her role. Actor Brandon deWilde was also a stand out in the role of Hud's nephew Lonnie. A child actor on Broadway at the age of seven, De Wilde was also nominated for an Oscar for his role in the 1953 western Shane.

De Wilde with wife Janice in 1972

For those of you who have seen Hud, there is a rather hot scene of the young Lonnie, naked in bed (nothing shown) with Patricia Neal's character Alma, the family's housekeeper, teasing him about pulling off his sheets to get him out of bed. Alma is such an interesting character and although not a part of the family, is central to the films drama. Some of the scenes between Alma and Hud would most likely not go over as well for today's audiences, but the film had many riveting scenes, all in the hands of a group of such talented actors.

Hud (1963)

De Wilde went out to work steadily in film and on television throughout the sixties and early seventies. Sadly, De Wilde died at the age of 30 in 1972. While in Denver Colorado for a stage production of Butterflies Are Free, De Wilde was killed in a traffic accident while driving a camper van that went off the road and crashed into a guardrail then a parked truck. The camper rolled onto its side, pinning the young actor and leading to a broken back and neck. Although I am not a huge fan of westerns, De Wilde's performance of Hud is going to have me keeping my eye out for airing of Shane and other of the actors work.

Sans Suit: Mike Addams by MW Photo MD

'What I like most about modeling is the inspirational part of it. I know it sounds kind of corny but hearing that one person stopped feeling bad for themselves and went to the gym because they saw my picture is more amazing than getting 500 likes on a picture. Photographers I've worked with have really connected with that message as well.'

We have all at one time or another we have all fantasized about someone we have worked with.  It could be a co-worker we see and interact with every day, the security guard we nod to each morning or the maintenance guy who always seems to be much busier than anyone else. It could be a boss, an intern or the guy who fixes the photocopier, the guy that has you dreaming of a paper jam.

For the most part, we usually only see our office crushes in their business attire, in there cotton polyester blend suits, their uniforms or business casuals, in most cases, seeing them sans suit is something reserved for our imagination only.  We can only imagine what under the suit, boxers or briefs, leather or lace, or maybe nothing at all....  This scenario instantly came to mind when MW Photo MD's Mark sent along this series of images of model Mike Addams, in and arousingly out, of his business attire.

Sometimes it can be surprising, and even a little jarring, to see a co-worker out of the clothing you're so accustomed to seeing him in for those 40 hours every week. I love when you see a guy, a guy usually seen buttoned down in a suit and tie, in another setting, now wearing casual clothing, or maybe no clothing at all. Maybe it's the tight jeans he wears on Friday's, jeans that finally frame is ass in a way those dress pants couldn't. Maybe it's in shorts at an office baseball game, or a surprise meeting in the gym locker room on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes getting a quick glimpse of what lies beneath that suit, makes heading to work on Monday morning something you start looking forward to.

Mike reached out to Mark through ModelMayhem and Mark after checking out Mike's port on MM and spending time on his tumblr Mike reached back about scheduling a shoot. Mike liked what he saw and knew he needed to add shots of Mike to his profile. Mark shares that Mike arrived at the shoot well prepared with a nice variety of outfits and props to work with. With so many options, it was little hard to choose what look to begin with, but after some discussion, it was the dressy look they began with.

'My vision going into the shoot was kinda of "Tom of Finland" based and well some shots will have to be shown on other media than Model Mayhem and Instagram as the censors could wreak havoc, even thought deep down inside I know they would love all of the shots that we did.'

Mark is spot on about his work with Mike, in fact some of the shots are even a little too hot for FH!  I did a few teasers on The OVER-FLOW, but you may need to check out Mike's sites, especially his ONLYFANS to see more...  Mike's confidence and sexual certainty in front of the camera wasn't always as strong it is is now, and is actually something that has grown over his time in front of the camera.  Mike's describes his modeling as arising as an offshoot to his presence on social media.

In the beginning, he posted mostly images that he took himself, it was Mike, a tripod, his iPad and remote shutter. Mike's goal with his imagery, beautifully evident in their title 'Over40NotDead, is promote his body positivity for bigger guys, and guys over 40. 'I'm not perfect and I have flaws and I'm proud of those. I have so many followers and friends saying if I can do it, so can they.'

As Mike gained more of those followers, many, including some who were photographers, complimented his images on not only their beauty, but their composition and style. Mike loved the feedback, on his look, and his photography, and it helped and motivated  him to develop the confidence to work with additional photographers on his shoots.  One of his most recent shoots was with Mark, someone Mike shares made him feel comfortable from their very first handshake.  He describes the shoot as an awesome experience, one that he can't wait to repeat  in the future!

'I was attracted to Mark's portfolio because in his photography, he lets the model do all the work. Some photographers do too much processing or overly dramatic styling but Mark's style was just to let simplicity rule. It's actually harder than it sounds and I really like that about his pictures. The shoot itself was so much fun. It was in a great studio in Washington DC. Basically he gave great direction and let it go from there, letting me be me. It was very collaborative. I listened to him and he listened to me, and I think that's evident in the pics. Even though we got our groove on very early in the shoot I was still sad to see the shoot end because I felt like we could have done a whole bunch more.'