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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 7th

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Happy Birthday today June 7th

Which Birthday boy has little to be hung up about?

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The Bottom Line... Prom Night

I say dressing casual for a hot June evening is wise.

The Casting of a Modern Boyfriend...

Though “Modern Family” has certainly had its share of big names drop by, Emmy-winning casting director Jeff Greenberg says they’ve since become more selective. “Early days in the series, we had a lot of names on, and there was kind of a backlash, like, oh, is this turning into ‘Will and Grace?’“ he admits. “The show didn’t need to rely on guest stars, and we really want to choose the right person for the part.”

The quote above from Modern Family casting director Jeff Greenberg annoyed me a little. First off, I thought Will & Grace had incredible casting. Yes, they made a few eye rolling bits with big names like Cher and Madonna, but they made up for it with many of their exceptional casting calls. Blythe Danner and Debbie Reynolds were great as the moms and I still love watching Edie Falco and Chloe Sevigny in the episode East Side Story.

The second reason the quote annoyed me is I had been planning a Kudos post Greenberg for his casting, especially his casting of Haley's boyfriends. Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez are awfully cute, and immensely talented, but still a little young to wear the hunk title on the show. The sit-com has mostly relied on Haley's men to fill that role, most notably, actor Reid Ewing. Ewing was adorably dim, not to mention sexy as hell as Dylan, and until this season I had hoped for a return and a reconciliation.

Above:  Reid in 10 Rules For Sleeping Around (see more on FH HERE:)

The show kept Haley pretty much single this season, although on the show's jaunt to Australia she did run into the ultra hot Australian model Jye Williams!

As the season progressed however, sparks began to fly between Haley and Jay and Gloria's manny Andy. Andy, as played by actor and writer Adam DeVine has made Dylan a distant memory to me. DeVine has been on the show for awhile but only recently began sharing screen time with Sarah Hyland's Haley.

The show has been careful to bring the two together slowly with some great moments between the two during the shows last two episodes. Haley has never been my favorite member of the cast, but Andy, and Adam bring out another side of her I am enjoying watching. I hope the show brings back the talented, lovable and hot, Adam DeVine for season 6!

Adam in Workaholics

A Picture Perfect Day: Roy by Fit Aussie Guys

Have You Got What It Takes?

'After just coming out of the ocean I mentioned to Roy that he should do what he needed to do, to make himself look bigger, but not hard. He thought trying 'the helicopter' was a most amusing idea and naturally obliged with a smile.'

Working on FH, some of my favorite artists, models and images to feature have come from Australia. Part of the appeal is my love of travel, even if the trip is a virtual visual one. Another part, is my love of geography, and my desire to see new locations and breathtaking settings surrounding the male beauty featured. Although my focus may be the male form, I have loved my visual journeys to swamps and ammo factories with Robert J. Guttke, the Utah Mountains with Gordon Nebeker and Prisons and Banks with Robert Colgan. These images have taken me places I not would never have gone to, but most importantly, never have imagined.

This visual journey, to the Western Coast of Australia, began as most of my journey's do, with my seeing one image. The photo, forth from the bottom, was of a beautiful and naked man, lying within the sand dunes, beach vegetation and marram beach grass, I knew I wanted to see more. The image, so beautifully framed and sunlight, had my senses reminded of the feeling of lying on the beach. You could almost feel the heat of the sun above and also the heat of sand below. I was also reminded of the dry, brittle, even cutting nature of the beach grass, so beautiful to see, but not as beautiful to touch.

The naked man within the dunes I found out, was Roy. The man behind the camera, responsible for the image, was James from Fit Aussie Guys. Based in Melbourne, the aim of Fit Aussie Guys is to show of Aussie guys at their physical peak; linking their athletic bodies to the sport and fitness that shaped them. Few of the men photographed have modeled before, so most of them are unknowns and not seen anywhere else on the web! Through naturalistic lighting, or the blazing sun shining down on the incredible Australian beaches, the focus is to spotlight and exaggerate body definition and celebrate the physical accomplishments of the men in front of their lens.

With the title, Fit Aussie Guys, you can expect to see fit guys with incredible bodies. But by also including Aussie in the title, you're also promised a bit of the country, as not only a location, but as well it's culture and lifestyle. Fit Aussie Guys has been showcased in national and international magazines including DNA, tMf Magazine, Monster Children, and banQuet Pres.

James discovered Roy through a blind casting call he had put up looking for models. A tradesmen working in the mines in Western Australia, Roy had never modeled before. James shares that Roy had one of those "I'll give anything a go!" attitudes and they immediately got along, being around the same age and sharing a mutual love of Australian sport. James chose the secluded Leighton Beach, just outside of a town called Fremantle as their location. The beach, along a wide stretch of the Australian coast, had only an old swim club with an abandoned, but still functioning kiosk, and shower block which had it's roof ripped off by a cyclone in 2002.

'We began with a few surf shots and running along the water shots. There were only a few other kite-surfers on the beach that day. He seemed very much at ease and enjoying the experience on what was a picture perfect day. I moved up to the sand dunes which was full of a variety of vegetation good for the images I wanted and started to shoot. A few shots in boardshorts and first and then down to his underwear. Roy knew that there were going to be some nudity required for this photo shoot and didn't flinch when I asked him to take of his jocks. He was very comfortable!'

'The last part of the shoot was at the old shower block which although abandoned still had running water. We used this for a few more boardshorts shots before dropping them in the shower for some final images. Roy was a top bloke and easy guy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate getting him in front of the camera again next time I'm on the west coast. He said afterwards that he really enjoyed the shoot and hanging out and was really surprised at how well the photos turned out. The feeling was mutual.'