Sunday, July 2, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 3rd

James by TR Pics
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Seasonal Sightings:

 Nothing like a free falling flag to form the perfect foundation for the male form.

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Back Issues: Torso, September 2000

Torso: November 2000
All-American Muscle Hunk
Model: Mathias
Photography by Body Image Productions

Mathias is 225 pounds of rock-solid all -American muscle.  How did he get so big?  He was a wrestler in high school and always had to be in tip-top shape.  Mathias began body building and quicky became addicted to pumping iron.  Monday's is chest and arms, Wednesdays is back and shoulders and Friday for Mathias is leg day.  What about Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays?  Those are the days Mathias works out by hooking up with all the hot guys he meets at the gym.

'I have a whole list of guys from the gym that can't wait to have me bend over for them.'

What is this muscle hunks favorite exercise?  Well, for Mathias, he loves to flex his biceps while the guy he's with rubs his penis all over them.  Matthias calls these his cock-curls. 

Fröhlichen 4. Juli: Simba & James by TR Pics

So why did I use the German translation of Happy 4th of July as my title, well let me explain.  Photographer Tom from TR Pics is American, he lives and mostly shoots in his home city of Dallas, Texas.  Both models, James and Simba are American as well, and both also live in the Dallas area.

I chose to use German as it is one the most common of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland. (the others are French, Italian, and Romansh.)  As much as Tom loves his home country, he also loves traveling and in order to ensure I had Independence Day images I had to pick my favorites early before Tom left for his July Trip to the land known for chocolate, cheese, mountains and lakes.

Tom sent on several 4th of July themed shoots for me to choose from and I truly liked them all.  I was especially drawn to these images of James and Simba as I loved h ow they looked separately, and really loved the shots Tom took of the two of them together.  Sadly, the two are not a couple, but just good friends, but there was something about them together that really visually clicked for me.

It was however, actually their friendship that led to this shoot.  Tom had previously shot James several times.  It was through James that Tom found out his friend Simba had an apartment in Downtown Dallas and was interested in doing a flag themed shoot.  Tom liked the results and how they looked together as well.  So much so, after the flag shoot, they headed outside and continued to shoot, including a heavily graffitied location that Tom loved to shoot models in front of.

Although he'd shot James many times, this was the first, and only time he had the opportunity to shoot Simba.   It also ended up being the last time he worked with James as well.  James ending up starting a new relationship, and a new job, both of which led him to decide that nude modeling was something he sadly had to put behind him. 

Thanks Tom for sending on these images early,  before heading out and across the Atlantic to the place known as Europe's Playground. Hope you're spending the 4th in a Swiss pub drinking a Feldschlössen and enjoying a big plate of Rösti . Say hi to Heidi and  Ich hoffe, Sie haben eine lustige, sichere und sexy Zeit!

And The Weiner 🏆 Is...

'You look like the Fourth of July! Makes me want a hot dog real bad!'
 Jennifer Coolidge, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blue

Great art inspires, and that's exactly what happened when Roy from badsign769 sent on the new 4th of July themed art piece he created below.  I love presenting new and original visuals on holidays, and over the last few years, Roy has been amazing at creating new artwork for me to share.

Roy's artwork had me thinking about hotdogs, and hot dog eating contests.  Since my 12 Days post focused on burgers, I thought the other 4th of July meat 🌭 needed a little attention as well.  I've always been fascinated by why someone would want to shove dozens of hotdogs in their mouth, especially given all the fat and sodium they contain.  I love me a hotdog, with lots of mustard once in awhile, but I start feeling bloated after eating just one. 

A little research educated me that competitive eaters actually don't eat that many hotdogs to prepare. They learn to stretch and relax their stomachs to fit in more food by eating large amounts of low-calories foods and liquids including water, diet soda, watermelon and cabbage.

Roy's image had me wanting to a larger post on hotdogs, and hotdog eating contests, but searching for hot images of the sport didn't bring back many 'sexy' images to include in the mix.  Searching for 'naked hotdog eating competitions' did however, bring back a mix of 4th of July themed shots from adult sites and gay porn.  

There have been many shots of guys putting their penis' in hotdog buns over the years, it seems to be something that for some odd reason, a lot of guys seem to do. There is an 'infamous' hot dog image of actor John Barrowman with his penis in between two pieces of bread.  It was supposed shot when John was working on stage in the London production of Hair.

Barrowman aside, I personally have never  really found the theme, or most of the images, especially sexy.  Just the opposite in fact.  Roy's image however, had me rethinking hotdogs, and some of the shots, especially these from 'Independence Gay' were actually pretty hot!  I do love me some mustard on my dog, and Finn's dog looks pretty tempting as Felix squeezes the mustard on.