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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

Nihal by studioAtruong
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Happy Birthday today January 31st

Happy 31st to Canadian hockey player Tyler Seguin!

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Season of the Scarf

Actors & Skin: Zack Taylor

The Young Nurses (1973)

I'm a sucker for a 70's hunk with big hair and a beefy butt. If that butt is highlighted by tan lines, to me, it's even hotter!  That's why, when Dreamcap poster KC posted caps of actor Zack Taylor last fall, I had to see, and find out more.   There's not much out there on Zack, his career was brief, (1970-1977) but it included two memorable nude scenes. 

Zack's first nude scene, and his first movie role, was his role as Jack in 1970's, How to Succeed With Sex.  While focusing on educating himself sexually, Jack has a few fantasy's, one includes him joining a group of naked women running around a pool.  

The quality of the frontal isn't great, but it's still a hot scene of Jack being the lone naked man, with a group of naked women.   There are also a few scenes of Taylor's beautiful butt and tan lines as he stands in front of the bathroom mirror.  This film is certainly in need of a high quality re-release!

How to Succeed With Sex (1970)

'A man, who is having trouble scoring with his girlfriend, reads a book about sex and seduction to get some pointers.'

The movie KC posted about, which included caps of Zack's beefy butt, was 1972's group marriage.  The movie was a fun watch and even included a few brief scenes with a gay couple.  The scene with Zack's rear was great enough, but thanks to posters Inchantrika and eureka12, there was even more to see...

Group Marriage (1972)

Chris is not getting along with boyfriend Sandor and has an affair with parole officer Dennis. Dennis invites the couple to dinner with his ex-girlfriend Jan. At a picnic on the beach, Jan meets lifeguard Phil, who later sleeps with Chris and moves in with the other five. Phil brings in a person, lawyer Elaine. The "group marriage" of the six of them attracts media attention, which brings trouble and prejudice 

VHS Caps

As a fan of Zack and the film, eureka12 had digitally transferred his old VHS copy of the film.  As you can see from the caps, and clip above, Zack gave us another frontal sadly missing from the higher quality DVD release.  I hope one day to create or find a full list of full frontals tragically snipped from original films and VHS releases.  Thanks to all the posters at DC for turning me on to Zack! 

DVD Caps

Eyes on the Prize: Nihal by studioAtruong

'Though I find taking nude portraits of fit, young male models absolutely thrilling, I derive the greatest pleasure from taking pictures of a beautiful face!'

As visually alluring as Nihal's body clearly is, his face makes the rest of his physicality even hotter and more fascinating.  Nihal's handsome face, beautiful lips and expressive eyes, means that when enjoying Alain's images, an even higher level of sensual scrutiny is required.