Sunday, August 2, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 2nd

Brett Robinson
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Happy Birthday today August 2nd

Happy 25th to model and reality star Eyal Booker!

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Embracing August

Just Because: Hayden Voss

I actually put together this piece over a year ago.  It started as an 'Instagrams that Inspire', but when I went to post, I noticed that Hayden had removed most of his social media pages.  I'm glad I didn't delete it, as although Hayden didn't make my list below, he certainly made an impression...

The last time I watched more than a few episodes of Big Brother was in 2014. That season, Big Brother 16 had more than a few attention grabbing men. Although Cody grabbed the lions share of attention, I also had a soft... spot for Hayden Voss.

Many of us remember Hayden as he appeared above, streaking about the house, or changing after spilling a spot of tea on his crotch.  Hayden was house goof, but he was also so much more. Intelligent, quirky, athletic, hilarious and incredibly hot. Hayden beautifully blends the goofy with the sexy.

If you watched the season, you know a romance began between Hayden and Nicole. It was a fun relationship to watch as they kept it fairly casual in the house, not going all heavy and 'Romeo and Juliet' as so many BB relationships tend to be. They also usually end with about the same about of drama... Nichole was back on BB this summer, and from Hayden's social media sites, it appears he and Nicole are still together, or at least still friends as they still pop up frequently in each others images.

Brother May I?

Brett (2018)

So, first off, this group of Big Brother men are not my favorites.  If I were to list my favorite house guests, or the house guest I most enjoyed watching, many of these men wouldn't make the cut.  That list, would also be made up mostly with women.

I also had, and I mean had, to remove personality when choosing who to include.  On a show like Big Brother, many men are appealing on episode 1, but seeing them all summer, under sometimes stressful situations, tens to bring out the worst.  There are things about each of these men, I really didn't like.

This list, is all about physical and sexual attraction.  House guests who one way or another, pulled me in during their season.  Looking back, like at Jessie now, I'm not sure exactly why, but at the time.... the pull was powerful.

Jessie (2008)

Drew (2004)

Ahh sweet Drew!  One of the few contestants to take a low profile after their win, never returning that I remember, to stretch out their 15 minutes.

Zach (2014)

Tyler (2016)

Hardy (2001)

Hayden (2010)

Jackson (2019)

Cody (2014)

Clay (2015)

(l-r)  Nick, Memphis, Nathan

Will (2001)

Although I'm not picking 'favorite's, Season 2's Will hold's a special place in my Big Brother heart. He was the first house guest who really drew me into game play, and his personality, although manipulative, was also engaging.  He also had an incredible set of abs which he seemed to enjoy showing off.