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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 4th

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Happy Birthday today January 4th

Happy 54th to actor Rick Hearst!

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The Bottom Line:

Under His Belt: Juan Pablo Figueroa by MW Photo MD

'Juan, The PR-GQ, was already an accomplished model with runway shows and other events under his belt when he contacted me for his very first nude shoot.'

Since January is often about firsts, trying and beginning new things, it seemed the perfect time to feature Washington Photographer MW Photo MD's shoot with model Juan Pablo Figueroa. We sometimes assume nude modeling is something usually done by new models, and models looking to create portfolio's that will grab the attention of viewers, photographers and agencies. For Juan, who's agency signed and been modeling for years, it was just something he's been wanting to do for awhile.

'For the last 2 years I've been wanting to do a nude photo shoot to expand my portfolio but it was very difficult finding someone that would do that type of shoot. I came across Mark's work through other models that I have worked with, who had the opportunity of working with Mark in the past and I was excited at the opportunity to work with him.'

Originally from Puerto Rico,  Juan had plenty of experience on the runway and in front of the camera, but all with his clothes on.  Clothes were usually the focus for the 6'1" model whose tall, lean frame was perfect for fashion modeling.  In or out of his clothing, Juan's presence in front of the lens, especially his powerfully sensuous brown eyes, draw the viewers attention.  Despite his previous modeling experience, Juan admits he was initially quite nervous, not just at taking his clothes off, but because of his desire to create something artistic, elegant and tasteful.

'Mark and I began to talk about my goals for the shoot and this eased me through the process. It was a great experience and the fact that he actually listened to me and conversed with me throughout made me feel comfortable as Mark puts the comfortably of the model before the work itself. I am truly looking forward to collaborating with him again in the near future.'

Even with his skill at ensuring the models he works with feel comfortable, Mark admits he too felt a little intimidated about working with Juan.  Given Juan's high expectations for the images, Mark wanted to make sure the shoot went as smoothly as possible and that the experience was one that led to images Juan would feel proud to share with others and add to portfolio.

'When we finally met after having multiple on-line communications I think that we both felt an instant ease and comfort between the two of us and I think it shows in how well the pictures turned out. We have talked about our next working together and I want to do a duo shoot with him in the near future.'

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

The Other Two

Oh, Ug... girl sister, and gay brother..

If anyone has tuned into Comedy Central over the past week or two, you have inevitability seen the commercial for the new series, The Other Two.  The other two are the not so successful older siblings of a teen superstar. (Case Walker, top image)

The ad is well done and funny and has me looking forward to checking gout the new series.  The concept seems smart and I also love Molly Shannon who plays the mome and Drew Tarver who plays Cary, the older brother.  I also love me some Nick Adams who shows a little skin in the scene below from show's trailer.


If you didn't follow bodybuilder Jörg on Instagram when I profiled him last November (HERE:), maybe the image above will have your fingers clicking on the mouse now.

Speaking of Instagram, I succumbed to social media pressure and did the top nine for the FH Instagram. (above).  The butts have it!

Although it was originally posted on his Instagram, I first noticed the honeymoon butt shot of Mark Ballas  when a poster added it on the DreamCaps forms.


Although I don't watch Jersey Shore, After checking out Casperfan, I think I certainly could get into THE UK version, Geordie Shore, especially with Alex MacPherson showing his glorious backside.

DC's Men of the Moment

Thanks to DC's Men of the Moment we get a glimpse, well maybe a bit more than a glimpse of a naked extra in an art class in season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.