Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

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The Cruelest Month

Usually in April I post an image like the one above and include the quote that April showers bring May flowers.  This April, with everything that's going on, and with what's inevitability to come, T. S. Eliot's quote about April being the cruelest month, has more meaning than ever.  Looking forward to the flowers, the rainbows and the light on the other side of the storm.

Boner Protocol

'When he felt a little too randy, a boner code came into place. “I had a little signal I gave producers like, ‘Hey, you have to chill. Every time I yawned, that was my signal. Producers would be like, ‘Cut! We have to get him out of the water!'

Although I do love a lot of reality shows, I've always found The Bachelor to be sort of a television repellent. That doesn't mean I have't kept my eye on many of the contestants, and heard or read about some of the backstage goings on. I've always been a bit a curious about how the 'cameras' handle the nudity and frequent sexual encounters. Not sure if the cameras are immediately turned off, or whether there's hours of uncensored footage in a vault somewhere.

 The most recent bachelor, Colton Underwood did share in his new book (yes I know, a book...) how they handle his erections. I couldn't help but click on the Vulture story when I read the headline about the show's special boner protocol.

An Appreciated Assist: Maxx by PR PHOTO

'He's a swimmer and he's in really good shape!'

It wasn't actually photographer Philip Rugel (PR PHOTO) commenting on Maxx and his swimmer's physique in the quote above.  The quote actually came from Katie, a college student currently working as the Michigan based photographer's assistant. Philip had asked her if she knew any guys who might be interested in posing and after just a second or two... she recommended her friend Maxx.

Philip says Katie is spectacular, both as an assistant, and for helping to put her models immediately at ease.  Philip describes Katie a dead ringer for actress Mila Kunis, which as you can imagine, helps many of the models, the straight ones especially, bring their best while in the studio and in front of the camera.

'A week later Maxx showed up for our summer pool shoot with my assistant and I blown away. He was a 6'2'' Adonis. That kind of Midwestern boy that you dream about finding for a model. The shoot produced beautiful shots of a young man in his prime!'

Although summer is still almost three months away, Philip's images of Maxx certainly have me in a summer state of mind. Given the world's current health crisis, it's hard to know exactly what summer's going to bring, but regardless, our backyards and balconies are going to be well utilized. For those fortunate to have a backyard pool, or a neighbor with one... we can only hope for a Maxx to do be doing his laps, even if we have to watch and enjoy from a safe distance of six feet away.

Phil just added Maxx as his April update on his site, and you can check out more by heading to PR PHOTO HERE:

Student Bodies

'The calendar has become an annual event within RAG's fundraising, due to the pure enthusiasm of the student body'


Bristol Rag 2007
Photography by Jamie Corbin

Over the last seven months, I've enjoyed sharing images (HERE:) from MichaelAndrews73a's fantastic, and massive Calendar Men site. (HERE:)  Thus far, I've mostly posted only images of naked men, but this series from issues from the Bristol Rag calendars are clearly and beautifully co-ed.


Bristol Rag 2018
Photography by Bryan Wong

The University of Bristol is a red brick research university in Bristol, England and has put together naked calendars for charity for over a decade.   Although all of the students, both male and female, are discreetly covered, they are all also nude.  I found myself really enjoying the inclusion of both sexes, and the added element of erotic intensity it provides.

I've done a lot of pieces with the cfnm theme, and of a group of clothed individuals with a single nude male model.  Although all of the Bristol students are equally vulnerable, there is an added element of both erotic tension and risk with getting naked in front of your peers of both sexes.