Sunday, October 7, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Above: Ryan Marko by David Arnot, just one of the many things to be Thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian readers of FH!

Chris Pratt in Soda Tax

I only starting watching Parks & Recreation a few months ago and had no idea what I was missing! It is great to find an intelligent comedy that makes me laugh out loud. Although I like Modern Family, I am not sure it really quite lives up to all the hype surround it. With the exception of the choice to bring on Rob Lowe, I have enjoyed all that I have seen so far.

Last weeks episode, Soda Tax featured a surprising glimpse of actor Chris Pratt's butt crack. Although they seem quite comfortable airing hours upon hours of rapes, murders and assaults on their endless procedural dramas, NBC seems generally quite conservative with showing much male skin. I guess because it was done for laughs they looked the other way.

I have enjoyed Pratt since his days on Everwood and his increased size has not detracted from his appeal. If anything, Pratt stands out more for his acting as opposed to just another pretty tv face. Pratt says he is actually hard to make it to 300 pounds for his upcoming role in Starbuck. Even with a thin Lowe by his side Pratt seems far more appealing.

Grin: Shawn by Unlimited Male

Illusion has always been a part of the modeling world, especially when business and money is involved. For some reason, advertisers and agencies have decided most of us can only handle perfection. Although historically true with female models, male models have now reached a level, still not equal, but now comparable, to women within the industry. This means more and more photographers are pressured to photoshoppe the hell out of most images so that wives are now not the only robotic ones living in Stepford.

Art and business are intrinsically mixed and can often can create greatness. When business dominates however, as it seems to more and more, it is the viewer that usually suffers. It is the reason reality television dominates our airwaves and why Vin Diesel and Miley Cyrus continue to be given film roles. When I first started FH, I initially sought the big names in the male photography business. Now, the images that usually draw me in, catch my eye and make an impact, are from artists who consider their craft a hobby more than a business. The interesting thing about hobby's is that unlike work, people choose to devote time to them due to a passion or calling, work on the other hand is something you have to do. There are of course still professional photographers whose work I am passionate about. My favorite images are the ones that capture the essence of the man in front of the lens, not the ones who attempt to hide or cover it.

I love the essence that shines from 25 year old Shawn (Drifter3887)in these images from Unlimited Male. Smiling and grinning in front of the camera, and especially having it look natural is not easy, nor is the capturing of it. As sexy as Shawn is, his grin really draws you in and lights up each image. South Carolina's Jay from Unlimited Male is one of those photographers who calls shooting a hobby. Living in the South, Jay says it sometimes difficult to find models to shoot, but is always on the look out for models in his area to help him gain more experience and improve on his photography skills.

'Shawn is a great guy to work with. I contacted him on MM after seeing his port. We messaged one another a few times on there then texted and spoke on the phone a few times while planning the shoot. We had a lot of fun with the shoot. I have a bit of a strange sense of humor, which a lot of people don't get, but he actually has a similar strange sense of humor, so we cracked each other up quite a lot. He is a really nice guy and was completely relaxed and uninhibited, even though that was the first time we actually met. We were hoping to do another shoot but he moved to Texas before we got the chance. Hopefully when he comes back to Tennessee for a visit we'll get the chance. I definitely recommend him to any photographers looking for a great model to work with.'
Jay, Unlimited Male

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