Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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He's Gonna Find Out...

Who's naughty or nice...

Looks like Santa's put these three on the naughty list.  Check out more of the fallout of that decision on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Hey Santa: Mattidude by PhotoRSH

Some guys are able to satisfy on multiple holidays, able to provide Christmas climaxes and big October O's.  Some of you might recognize Mattidude from his previous appearance, holding his plastic pumpkin this past Halloween. (Man Candy)  Although the holidays may be different, the images are equally fantastic and festive.

That may be, because the artist behind the camera was Illinois based photographer PhotoRSHThere is nothing like a hot male stud in a little red velvet and white faux fur.  This had me thinking about what it takes to really fill out a Santa suit.  Anyone can throw on a Santa hat, but not everyone can earn the the title of Saint that goes with Saint Nick....

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PhotoRSH on OnlyFans

Stocking Stuffer

'Jeff Stryker's back and he's making us all hope for bigger presents under the the tree!'

Jeff Stryker
Jock Magazine
Holiday 1995
Photography by J.S Grand Video

This piece began as just a vintage image piece featuring porn star Jeff Stryker's sexy Santa layout in the 1995 holiday issue of Jock Magazine.  When I started to put it together however, I noticed there was an additional Stryker Santa product that I hadn't been previously aware of. 

Googling Jeff Stryker and Santa also brought up the images below.  I wasn't aware that Stryker had a doll, an ultimate doll, and certainly wasn't aware his doll had it's own Santa Christmas edition.  From what I can gather, the Santa doll is a recent release with a limited number of sexy Santa's available.  Although they all seem to be sold out, I did spot a couple on E-Bay for about $250.

Much like the regular Ultimate doll, the Santa version seems to be anatomically correct.  You see appear more, including a video promoting the doll on Facebook HERE:

Waiting For Santa: Nicky by Studio1x

I was warned ad nauseum 
To be so good all year. 
Now it's the night before Christmas
And I can feel Santa near

I think Christmas Eve is actually my favorite part of the holidays.  Although I've much of the excitement I had for Christmas as a kid, I can still feel magic in the air on Christmas Eve night.  One tradition I have is a late night walk on Christmas Eve.  I've taken with my family, my friends, my partners and of course my dogs.  Although it's faded slightly over the years, I can still sense a bit of electricity in the air late at night on the 24th.

It's all about anticipation really.  I'm one of those people always more excited before an event, than while actually at it.  Even with FH, I get excited piecing together a story in my head while working out or when I should be focused on work.  It's easier to think about something, even something you're excited about, then when it's time to hold your own feet to the fire.  Christmas day rarely lives up to the hype, but Christmas Eve... well, there are far more options, often without the same degree of pressure.

Nicky, as you can see, is clearly excited, waiting in anticipation for the big guy to come. He's got the house ready, he's showered and prepped.  In between looks out the window, Nicky practices the perfect pose to entice his busy gift giver to stay.  Usually, when Nicky's heavy hitter stops by, it's a quick in and out.  Nicky likes to think he's special, but he knows he's not the only port of call on his his sugar plum daddies route.

Still, he's patient, it's worth it.  Nicky knows it's difficult to find the perfect paramour, especially one who's as giving as his rosy cheeked Romeo.  Sure, he's always busy, and has to rush off, and he has that pesky wife at home....but when they're together, even for a quicke, it's the most wonderful time of the year. 

As FH readers are aware, Jim from Studio1x is an expert, at capturing holiday moments, especially the energy and enthusiasm exhibited by the hot men he shoots. It was Jim's experience, that allowed Nicky to trust Jim to capture the vulnerablity he was feeling while awaiting his Christmas caller.  Nicky and Jim had worked together a few ears earlier on an entirely different type of shoot.  They were shooting fashion in very cold old warehouse and quickly bonded through complaining about how freezing it was that cold December day.  

It was shortly after that cold December shoot that Jim decided to set up his own studio, one where he could control the heat.  It was also then that Jim decided to ditch shooting fashion and move more towards artistic nudes.   Given how well they worked together in the warehouse, Jim reached out to Nicky to see if might be interested in exploring his new creative focus. 

Nicky was on board, but they struggled to find a time they were both free to shoot.  Over the years, they continued to talk about ideas, but never got anything scheduled.  It wasn't because of a lack of enthusiasm.  Although Nicky had never done a nude shoot before, he was very excited to give it a try.  Nicky's past modeling assignments were mostly commercial, always playing the groom. 

Or course, as you can see from beautifully long and lean physique, Nicky looked hot in his tux for.  He longed however,to rip it off and take his place front and center.  As we all know, brides, and more importantly bridal gowns, are always the main attraction at weddings, and especially at wedding shoots.  Nicky was more than ready to ditch his tux and be more than just a great looking accessory.  

Jim reached out to him again last month, and asked if he would be for another shoot together on a cold December day.  This time however, Jim was able to promise that it would be a lot warmer, especially as this time, Nicky would need to ditch the fashion, and take off all of his clothes.  

'Nicky was very excited and we enjoyed reconnecting and exploring modeling and new concepts that  didn't require much wardrobe.  We had a lot of fun in the studio as we captured so many different sides of Nicky. for the series.  We're excited to put this all together, and wich everyone who see's and enjoys the images a very Happy Holidays from Studio1x!'