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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 10th

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Happy Birthday today March 10th

Happy 59th to gymnast Mitch Gaylord!

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Playgirl Discovery: April, 1974

I featured the Playgirl ad above a few years ago on the site.  I recently found the entire shoot in a folder and thought it was a good time to see a bit more of snow bunny Darris McCord.

'Six feet and one hundred seventy-five pounds of tanned good looks and eye-riveting pectorals.'

Darris McCord
Playgirl Discovery
April, 1974

'If you put Joe Namath's conceit, Robert Redford's body, and G. Gordon Liddy's ability to not tell anything, into a Waring Blender, you might come up with Darris McCord.'

The Brick Cavern: Anthony & Sergey by Richard Rothstein

When I was in University, there was a small bar and bistro we used to frequent, usually at the end of a long night of partying.  It was located in a small strip mall in a business park just outside of the city.  It was rarely crowed, especially at one or two in the morning and it had the best appetizers, and the best cheesecake.

Along the back wall was a row of small rooms, big enough for one table and a few chairs.  On each table was one of those vintage red glass candles with the white plastic netting around the glass. The entrance to each room was just a small entrance meaning once at your table, you really couldn't see out, and unless directly in front of the entry, no one could see in.

The row of rooms was called 'The Caves', and they were were the most coveted place to be seated in the place.  It wasn't odd to enter the restaurant and see no one at all in the main seating area, yet be told by the hostess that all the caves were taken.  The waiters and waitress' used to share stories of surprising patrons, and they shared they learned quickly, to announce when they were about to enter.

The back wall was brick, and when I first saw this particular location, it took me right back to my many nights in the caves.  Richard Rothstein has been shooting in these particular brick caverns for years, and the location is one of my favorites.  I if you check back on my past features spotlighting Richard's work, you'll see many incredible bodies intimately encircled by brick.

When I first say the location, I wrongly assumed it was a alley along a street.  Given Richard spends so much time shooting on the street's of Manhattan, I was sure it was a little cubby hole he discovered while working.  It was only a year or so ago, when working on a rooftop shoot, I connected this particular cave, wasn't at street level.  It's a high above the city, a little more isolated and intimate.

Much like those rooms at the back of the bistro, this cave has provided a semi-private space to many, a place to erotically explore with just enough danger, to heighten the sensual high.   Although the brick may be rough and hard, even painful, when bare skin is brushed against it.  Despite it's texture, this brick enclose is also incredibly welcoming, open to all who enter in.