Friday, September 8, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 9th

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Happy Birthday today September 9th

Happy 57th to actor Hugh Grant!

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Summer Sightings: Circa 1950's

Forrester Millard & Harold Gillespie, Athletic Model Guild

Jake Ashford: Nap Time

'Come take a nap with me!'

We all have that point in our lives when napping moves from being a punishment to being a welcomed luxury. Given how hard Jake Ashford works, and how much energy and enthusiasm he exudes, it makes sense he would need the odd siesta, to gear up to step in front of the camera.

Many on Instagram fill their pages with 'themed images' Some post a variety of bathroom selfies, others focus on a specific part of their body. Although Jake's focus is often on his beautiful backside, I love that he frequently chronicles his afternoon naps.

Sometimes, getting into bed at night can be stressful. In addition to trying to get some sleep, it can also be a chore to wipe away the last 12 hours, while at the same time, gearing up for the 12 that wait for you in the morning. A nap, especially one in the middle of the afternoon has a different purpose. It's purpose is not quite as daunting, it is a break, a moment to re-center and relax. It can also be an erotic experience, especially, if you have some company, as Jake does in the image below.

Shower Show by Mike Tossy and StudioMGphotography

First two images from by Mike Tossy

'It's a challenging space. It is almost stage like, and not in a good way. The entrance to the shower acts as a proscenium arch making it difficult to break the divide between actor and photographer/audience.'

Last month, when featuring images from StudioMGphotography's newest book, Anton's Three Day Weekend, I talked about all of the incredible locations that Mark and Anton were able to shoot in over their whirlwind three day shoot. The last images in the book, were actually some of the last images shot. At the end of the shoot, Anton needed, and deserved a long hot shower, and being chronicler of the male form that he is, Mark captured the moment.

Below: James by StudioMGphotography

I commented at the time, that I really needed to do a post featuring the many men who stripped down, and lathered up in Mark and Mike Tossy's shower. After long shooting days, especially when working on the beach, models need to get all the salt and sand off their skin and out of all of their body crevices. I first became enamored with this particular shower last summer. Wes from NMS had travelled to California and had shot Bond at Mike and Mark's home. I featured Bond's shower in a piece last year (Dark Showers) and was intrigued by the space and the almost dark and Gothic look in the images. Mark and Mike were on board with featuring more of their shower, and men within, and dug into their archives to find shots of some of the model's rinsed off the salt, sand and sunscreen after a long day of shooting.

'James is the tall surfer (briefly joined by the woman who would shortly thereafter become his girlfriend). He was my muse for about a year, a decade ago. He was a talented young photographer himself so we always had great adventures out shooting with him searching out locations for us. If he still lived in the area today, I'm sure he'd be the first guy to volunteer if I suggested any wild shoot, like sparks, or flour, I'm sure. He's the subject of one of my first books.'

'We have a large 2 person shower, with floor and walls of natural slate, inset with panels of glass block to let additional light in. The space has an inviting warmth to it, but the reality is the angles can be challenging for photography if I want to keep the camera dry. Everyone loves that shower though, so on several occasions I've seen what I might create there. There is something intriguing about the idea of capturing a typically-private moment...'

Below: Lance by Mike Tossy

Some of you might remember seeing the skin drenched body of Lance before. I first featured Mike and Mark's images of Lance in a story back in 2012. (First and Second). A friend from Santa Cruz, Lance was friends with models Tyler and JPhoenix and was just 20 when he stepped in the shower, doing his first professional shoot with Mark and Mike.

'As you an see, I'm a bit less concerned about getting the camera wet, I use the underwater camera that I use in the pool =)'

Below: Paul by StudioMGphotography

I have also featured the long blonde haired Paul previously on FH. It was that blonde hair that had me reaching out to include Paul in my tribute to Into The Woods in 2015. (The Hair as Yellow as Corn) I did a second feature (HERE:) featuring his work with both Mike and Mark and in both you can see Mike's underwater camera in action shooting Paul under the surface in the pool. The shower was a must to ensure all of the chlorine was washed off Paul's silky smooth skin.

That brings us to Anton, taken on the last day of his 3 day weekend in California. If you check out my last two pieces on Anton, (HERE: & HERE:) or previewed Mark's book, (HERE:) you know Anton has a sexy hairy chest, and beautifully furry body and butt. Mark had asked Anton not to shave prior to the shoot, but as part of his clean-up and shower, most of that beautiful fur went down the shower drain and Anton was anxious to shave if it off as soon as the shoot was over.

Below: Anton by StudioMGphotography