Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 17th

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Happy Birthday today September 17th

Happy 49th to actor Kyle Chandler.
It was 1991's Homefront that first introduced me to Kyle and his work.

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Below: Kyle with his Homefront co-stars Sterling Macer Jr., David Newsom & Harry O'Reilly

Shine & Rise: DirtRoad by studioAtruong

As the day grows bright
We are turning pages
And we write new chapters of our life
Some are strong and long
Others weak with sorrows
Keep the focus on the rising sun
Ace of Base

There are tons of quotes and sayings about how each new day and each new morning can be a new beginning. A new chance for opportunity or change. Problem is, when life is pounding you with problems and pain, the words often ring hollow. It is difficult to see the light when you're surrounded by darkness. Usually though, it is when the darkness subsides just a little, not fully, but enough to see slivers of light in the distance that the words really take on meaning.

Even more than the words, it is one's senses that bring on hope. When you first wake in the morning, that split second when you have forgotten, before the darkness has had time to take hold again. The birds sound of the birds outside your window, the sun threw streaming stubbornly through the blinds, sliding in and over your skin. The sound of cars and kids and life going by on the other side of your bedroom walls. Most of all, it is the visual, those first sights when you pull open your curtains for the first time that morning.

It is that feeling of a new beginning I love so much in this series of images of Warren Russell (DirtRoad) by Alain from studioAtruong. You could certainly write your own scenario about what happened the night before, but it is really rather irrelevant as Warren prepares to begin his day. The problems and pain have not disappeared, they are still there. But, for a brief moment, as you glance out of the window, you have a moment of brief reprieve.

I loved this set of images from the second I saw them. First, because Alain and Warren are two of my favorite artists to feature on the blog. I came upon both of their work last year. I first introduced FH readers to Warren with To The Woodshed last August. Alain's imagery made it's first appearance on FH last December with Overalls, the first of a three part series featuring his work with Joey. I have continued to feature their work whenever I have been given the opportunity.

'Warren is such a natural model - completely relaxed in front of the camera.'

It didn't hurt that this series also included windows, which along with doorways, staircases and long abandoned and forgotten buildings are some of my favorite places for a shoot. Windows are not just a favorite place to place a model by, they also provide so many themes which I love to explore. If you search 'windows' on the blog you will see dozens and dozens of stories. Whenever I see a window within an great image, I always want to know what is being seen, and what is being hidden. Who is looking out, and who is looking in.

The answers of course are never black and white. Often we look out of windows and see nothing but what is on our own minds. I really have no idea what Warren was seeing as looked out of the windows. I did however... get a feeling, that he knew full well there were others looking back in. I have a strong sense, that Warren was not just enjoying the view, but providing, with pleasure, a beautiful morning view for all of those gazing back in.

The Real Replacement

I know close to a year later fans are still morning the loss of Chandler Massey on DOOL. Hard to blame them, although he seem to lose his enthusiasm for the role before he left, he was pitch perfect in the coming out storyline. Some powerful stuff, especially in scenes with his grandmother and three EMMY's in a row later his departure is still felt deeply.

I have barely been watching since he left, partly due to time but mostly due to his replacement. It has been close to 10 months and Guy Wilson has yet to win over most of the shows fans. It is not his fault really, I am sure he is a wonderful guy, but he lacks depth, and although he may visually be close to the character, he brings such annoying body movements and facial expressions with him that is like a little playing grown-up in most of his scenes. The show seems committed to him, but the character basically died after Massey's exit for many.

Thankfully, in my eyes, Massey's replacement was never Wilson. Long before Massey took his exit, the show wisely began grooming it's next leading young man with Casey Moss. With Massey still on the canvas, Moss had an easier time integrating into the show and cast and quickly became the shows most active younger actors. He has been saddled at times with some thankless story lines (including making him a teen summer romantic Romeo) but hopefully the show will give him his edge back as it flows into the fall.

The Bottom Line

I usually try to avoid labels, in life and on the blog. I really don't have any idea if these guys are gay or straight, nor do I really care. But... it does seem at times however... that whenever 'straight' frat guys get drunk, they begin pealing off their clothes, or even more so, yanking them off a buddy. I guess it's a good thing. If they didn't, there were be a big hole in the Internet and in the tumblr universe...