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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 5th

Brad Taylor
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Heads of the Class

'The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.'

Most of us have classroom memories, both good ones and not so good ones.  Laughing and sharing notes with friends, getting called on by the teacher, and not knowing the answers.  As some of you might have guessed, some of my favorite school and classroom memories involved holidays and of course my favorite school hunks.

I loved the feeling of being in homeroom during the Christmas gift exchange, putting Valentines in little brown bags taped to our desk.  I loved the class hamster we got to share taking home on weekends, and I especially loved that home room on the last day of school before Christmas and summer vacation.

I also remember having some of my most stubborn erections when sitting at those hard wooden desks in class.  Praying it would go down before the bell rang, but prepared with my books and binders to cover if it didn't.  I'm not sure anyone quite had as much fun, or as much sex, in a classroom as the guys in the 80's porn flick 'Kept After School.'  If you want to see more stills from the flick, check out the OVER-FLOW HERE:

Making The Grade:

Making the Grade:
Playgirl Magazine
September 1985

Part of the charm of a pedigreed degree is the hope of a certain financial reward.  Today's collegiates are more pragmatic than their protesting brothers of the sixties.  Earning power wasn't a chief concern then.  it is now.  

In that spirit, in addition to showing you the well muscled state of the student body, we bring you the nice round figures each of our featured scholars can expect to pull in after graduation.  Call it the best of all worlds...their education, wealth and knockout looks that more than make the grade.

David Dixon

David Dixon of Albuquerque, New Mexico is aiming right for the top of the status scale as far as his schooling is concerned.  He wants to be a doctor.  Although pre-med studies are no picnic, David's efforts will be amply rewarded, to the tune of approximately $70,000 a year. 

Omar Sood

Another computer wiz is Omar Sood, who lives in Downey California.  Systems analysts right of out of college can get paid around $25,000, a fact that gives Omar more than a little pleasure.

James Warner

Can a superjock be brainy?  James Warner says yes, and Playgirl totally agrees.  James, a New Jersey native, took his mania for sports and turned it into a degree in physical education.  His goal is is to be a clinical sports psychologist, and can expect a six figure salary.

David Geraux

David Geraux's big thrill is water related.  When he's not wading through stacks of economic books, he's hitting the waves near his Huntington Beach, California home.  Once he graduates, David hopes to work as an accountant.  If he's lucky, he may get a job as a corporate tax manager, where the starting salary ranges between $30,000 and $45,000.

Brian Beasley

When you've got a head for numbers, the world is your oyster as far as employment is concerned.  Maybe that's why Brian Beasley of Los Angeles looks so sexily self-confident.  Brian is going for his engineering degree and as a rookie engineer, he can hope for at least a $25,000 starting salary. 

Vance Pflugrad

Our resident historian is Vance Pflugrad, a blue-eyed Adonis from Pendleton Oregon.  Vance's penchant for the past means he's as happy with a volume on Byzantine social structures as he is around a beautiful woman.  Vance hopes to write a book someday, and if his proposal strikes a publisher's fancy, his advance could be upwards of $30,000.

Scott Gaynor

Who outside of players for the NBA earns the salaries in America?  Attorneys of course.  starting pay for graduates of an elite law school average around $48,000.  Such numbers appeal to Scott Gaynor, (above) a political science major from hermosa Beach California.

What's the logical major for Kevin McParland, (below) whose father is a doctor, and whose mother is a nurse?  English of course.  Kevin tell us he knew he had a flare for words back in the first grade.  Kevin plans on taking his talent for communication and seek a spot as a marketing executive.  A mid-size company would do just fine, with an attractive pay around $66,0000.

Kevin McParland

Supply & Demand:

'When you're near me like this 
You're much too hard to resist'

When I saw vintage ad above on a recent retro Twitter thread, I knew a post was in the future.   I was too young to be in school during the Donny Osmond, David Cassidy heyday of school supplies, but I certainly remember the various teen idols from the 80's and 90's that blanketed notebooks, binders, pencil holders and rulers.

Even if I had been old enough to attend school in the 70's, David Cassidy would not have been my binder cover.   Donny was cute, but neither really does it for me.  Celebrity school supplies actually didn't interest me at all and even when I was in primary and elementary school, I don't really remember many guys with celebrity covered supplies.  Maybe a few Top Gun and retro Star Wars t-shirts, but that was about all. 

I went more of the safe 'solid' colors, hiding my sexuality even before I knew what it was myself.  Dark navy's and forest greens were my safe colors for scribblers and binders.  I may have gone a bit out of my comfort zone with a plaid pencil case, but that was as far as it went.

I didn't take a lunch box, but a brown paper bag.  I know I'm not the only one who remembers using that the same plain brown paper to cover some of my text books.  My mother usually did that, I was too messy, and didn't have the patience to do it correctly.  Those brown bag covers never lasted that long, as they were usually ripped, or doodled to death before too long.

I learned early not to demand anything from my parents, if I did, I would get the cheapest, and ugliest school supplies.  I'm sure there were many kids however, demanding Donny Osmond in the 70's, Bo and Luke in the 80's, Luke and Jason in the 90's Britney and Justin T in the 2000's, Bieber, Mendes and One Direction in the 2010's.

I often think back to those little girls and boys and wonder if anyone around at the time would have guessed so many of our teen idols ended up growing up and eventually appearing nude in the media.  Some like  Timberlake and Styles did nude scenes in movies, others like Bieber blessed the paparazzi with their packages. 

 I certainly never would have guessed, never would have hoped, when salivating over the 90210 hunks in the 90's, one day I'd see them naked.  Both Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering have done butt scenes in movies, and Luke Perry and Jason Priestly went full frontal on screen.  Luke bravely walked through OZ totally naked and Priestly penis flopped around in Calendar Girl. Both can be found on FH HERE:

Ok Shawn, the underwear ads and regular thirst traps are nice, but it's your turn!  Time to pull a Bieber, just don't follow him by over doing the tats! 

Kings of Clubs

'I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member'
Groucho Marx

In addition to sporting your new clothes, getting a new locker, and your class schedule, the first week of school also includes a little clubbing.  You all remember that big bulletin board near the front entrance to your school.  The board was usually full of announcements and lists.  It's where they posted who was cast in the school musical, who made the basketball team, and at the beginning of the year, the list of school clubs and activities to join.

I was lucky my high school had everything.  In addition to every sport imaginable, you could join the chess cub, the computer club, model parliament, student counsel, choir, the school play, the band, the French or Spanish club.  There was even a club for the annual school trip.  Although I played hockey, I never made the school hockey team.  I did play basketball, badminton and one year of volleyball.  I was also on the student counsel, in the choir, the ski club, model parliament, the yearbook team and that group who planned the trip.

There was a lot of excitement when signing those lists on the bulletin board,  checking out who else signed up, and what the year and club would be like.  Depending on the teacher overseeing each club, they were either a lot of fun, or a bore that you dropped out of by November.

Thanks to Michael Andrews73a and his passion for naked calendars, these incredible shots are from the University of Bristol Rag.  They've been raising money for UK based Bristol SU for over 90 years, with their naked calendars being one of their most popular fundraisers. 

Yes, I know, there are lot of nude female students featured as well, but for these calendar shots, I think that only adds to their erotic appeal.  There would be an added level of apprehension and nervousness for the club members stripping down, with those of the opposite sex being totally nude as well.  Regardless of sexual orientation, whenever your around the sex that you're attracted to, and you're both naked, issues could always arise...

When going through the images over several years of the calendar, it seems the fencing club was one of the most popular.  It also attracted some of the hottest of Bristol's student bodies.  I loved that the images included both athletics, and the arts.  There are a many naked sports related calendars, but not many include show choirs and horn players.

If none of the clubs above are of interest, you can always just hang out naked in the school's courtyard. All the nudity without the pressure of having to got to practice, win a game or make choir rehearsals.