Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 28th

Cary & Nicky by Christopher Photography
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Happy Birthday today March 28th

Happy 38th to actor Matthias Koeberlin

David Assett: Natural City Man

Many of you might remember David Assett (above). David has been a FH contributor and was himself the subject of one of the blogs most popular posts last November during my day dedicated to the incredible beauty and talent in Hawaii.

David has developed his own place, naturalcityman, as a showcase for his self-portraits and passions. One of David's passion's has always been Broadway and the stage, and one of his most recent posts includes his video from the most recent Broadway Beauty pageant held last week. Be sure to check it out HERE:

Favorite Click Of The Day: David Vance Photographer

This small sampling of images represents some of what I love best about the work of David Vance. David's eye intrinsically seems know how to capture his subjects beautifully, tastefully and erotically. David gives specific attention to each detail, while at the same time, ensuring not to allow any particular one, to outshine the other.

Many artists create images that make you stop and take time to enjoy. David, through his use of detail, and his incredible use of pose, create images you want to return and enjoy over and over again.

I first saw these shot of Jake when David posted them earlier in the year and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to be able to share them. David began his own blog a few months back and I encourage you all to check it out. Unlike Model Mayhem or facebook, or even your own website, blogs provide the opportunity for creativity, with instant updates and easy posting without the restrictions often in place on social media sites. Check out David Blog's HERE:

Look for updates soon on David's new book which is due for release in April!

Darling Nicky by Christopher Photography

Below: Cary Farrow IV

'Getting SHOT by Christopher was a wonderful experience! He was very professional and gave me good material to work with. I'm pretty new to modeling, but I'm an experienced actor; so shooting with a mannequin gave me a unique opportunity to take advantage of those skills. Given a human figure to play off of, I was able to create intimacy and passion which Christopher captured beautifully!'
Cary Farrow IV

Depending on your perspective, mannequins have the the ability to be both asexual for many, and yet for others a powerful sexual motivator. They can be fun and sexy (think Kim Cattrall in 1987's Mannequin), or creepy and scary. They make the perfect addition to the set of any horror movie where the young blonde with the big breasts is about to get sliced and diced.

Dressed and cared for they take on a persona, but naked, they are all the same, created from the same form, the same measurements to best display fabric. Except for the slight differences between male and female they are clones from one another, with only their dents and scratches to set them apart.

Mannequins also all have stories. They may not be able to repeat them, but they certainly absorb them. I can just imagine all the gossip they have heard, secrets they have been told and things they have seen. Looking out from that storefront window, you know they have they witnessed the beginnings of many romances, the ending of many others, happy families, fighting friends and maybe even a death or two on the streets they are forced to stare at. I think, although they can never actually share them, it is the stories they hold which gives them power. Shot by Christopher Viltz from Get SHOT by Christpher, you just know that Nicky, has many to share!

'I was sitting for an artist friend and as I was holding a pose and trying not to move, I saw this mannequin tucked away in a corner and I just knew I had to have her for a shoot. She was old, cracked and flawed. Yet she still had an old fashion beauty about her that made her classic. Her name, Nicky, was written on the back of her head. I knew coupling her with the right male models would make for some extraordinary work.'
Christopher Photography

'I interviewed Cary, like I do all models before I shoot them and he was polite, on time and knew how to return a phone call. My instincts were spot on and he did not disappoint during the shoot. I love to find unique qualities in the people I shoot. Cary has a great Romanesque nose, Adam's apple and awesome eyes. His skin was pretty flawless too. So having Cary work with a porcelain mannequin, they complimented each other well.'

'Cary and Shelton put their own intimate spin on working with her. She was very fun to work with and never complained about anything. In fact, she was a little upset when she had to go back to her owner. Once again my instincts paid off and the Darling Nicky Series came to life.'

Below: Shelton Neffendorf

'Shelton is pursuing a modeling career and currently interviewing for agency representation. We have done several projects together now and he has grown tremendously since the first shoot we had. The confidence and trust he has in me is evident in all of the photos that we take. We have grown a great friendship and continue to push the envelope in order to make great art. The funny thing about Shelton is, if caught in the wrong angle, he looks like a little kid, but with the right setting he creates an awe dropping demeanor.'

'Christopher is a one of a kind photographer, I have worked with a variety of photographers and Christopher is one of my favorites. He has a incredible eye for photography, very fun, professional, and easy to work with. He is one of the most creative photographers I know new ideas, and concepts for shoots are brewing in his mind and the amazing thing is they are always one of a kind, and brilliant. He adds a new zest, spunk, and edge that makes his photos one of a kind and unique. I absolutely love working with him, its a honor!'
Shelton Neffendorf

'I live and work in the Alamo City, also known as San Antonio. I love Texas and Texans. You don't have to be Texan to get SHOT by Christopher, but it does kinda get you to my door if you're here. We have everything here in Texas and a huge pool of people to dive into. I'm a well seasoned traveler and people person. So it's no surprise that I enjoy portraiture type photography. I started doing a Faces and Places project that was conjured up during my college years. It wasn't till the digital age that my projects took on a whole new life. I always loved editorial style shooting and l love a great story. During most of my shoots, I try to have a theme or storyline that is coming to life.'

Check out more of Christopher's work, and more of Nicky on Model Mayhem HERE: & on his blog HERE: