Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

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Keister Castle

Han Fahrmeyer: Masculine Reflections

If you've checked out FH for awhile, you remember that for many years, Sunday's meant spending a little time with Hans, photographer Hans Fahrmeyer that is.  With close to 100 posts, Fahrmeyer shared thousands of images of his Masculine Reflections with FH, and Sunday's With Hans, for well over a decade.

Born in Bochum, Germany. Fahrmeyer moved to New York City in 1984. He established his photography studio in the Lower East Side where he specialized in portraits, body and fitness, stage productions, opera, and special events photography.

Fahrmeyer returns to the downtown art scene with his first solo show in over twenty years. For nearly four decades his work has been prominently displayed in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Men's Workout, Playgirl, Madame, Connoisseur and numerous international publications. He currently has seven published books. The SoHo Project Space is proud to present the first retrospect of his life's work containing some of his most memorable photographs.


GALLERY HOURS: Opening: Friday December 16th - 6-8pm / Saturday & Sunday, December 17th & 18th - 2-6pm

PRE-CHRISTMAS GALLERY HOURS: Wednesday to Friday, December 21 to 23 - 4-8pm.    EVENT: Thursday December 22nd: Q&A with The Artist, at 7pm

PRE-NEW YEARS GALLERY HOURS: Wednesday to Friday December 28 to 30- 4-8pm   EVENT: Thursday December 29th: Book Signing, at 7pm

SoHo Project Space, 
127-B Prince Street 
New York, NY 10012

12 Days: Tanner Novlan in Christmas Class Reunion

'A group of friends reunite for their 15th high school reunion at Christmas ready to ignite unrequited loves, reconnect with new friends and enjoy the holiday season.'

Except for his commercial work, I think Hallmark's Christmas Class Reunion is the first time I've seen actor Tanner Novlan in non-commercial acting role.  I don't watch The Bold and the Beautiful, but I've certainly kept up with the caps other posts of his many shirtless scenes.  I did fall a little in lust with Novlan after seeing him in his Liberty Insurance commercials though, and first posted about him, (HERE:) after seeing the ads. 

Now, Christmas Class Reunion wasn't really that great, a bit of a weak script, and I didn't love the female lead.  Novlan however, showed the same goofy charm and sex appeal he did in the Liberty ads, and his charisma had me watching, well half-watching, as I did some work around the house on Sunday evening. 

In addition to providing a little holiday distraction, and inspiring a 12 Days piece, Christmas Class Reunion had one other bonus.  It finally had me dipping into my folder, and finally posting some old modeling shots of Novlan that I'd saved from forums and message boards....

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ruff Road Ahead: Pup_Cloud by ClearEye Photography

'Happiness is a warm puppy.'
Charles Shultz

It was over 10 years ago that I first discovered the work of ClearEye Photography.  I spotted the Ohio photographer's work on Model Mayhem and was struck by the sensuality and erotic strength he captured in his distinctively clean visuals.  His artist credit tells the story as ClearEye is the perfect name, as well as adjective to describe his work.

ClearEye beautifully uses large, but empty spaces and minimal distractions to showcase both the physical features, as well as personality traits in the models he works with.  ClearEye doesn't use many props, or much fashion, but what he does incorporate, is usually emotionally connected to the model he's working with.

In the case of Pup_Cloud, the singlet is a call back to his high school wrestling days, and the collar and dog bone, a nod his love of the pup community.  Pup_Cloud enjoys every aspect of the pup community, finding both a wholesome and welcoming community to be apart of.  Pup_Cloud has met so many wonderful people, including two of his my alphas, ryo and Trekkie, who have become two of his closest friends.

When I saw ClearEye's images of Pup_Cloud on his Twitter in October, I knew I wanted to featured the adorable furry little pup.  Pup_Cloud may have the body of a young pup, but I also loved his beautiful and soulful eyes, especially in some of the shots when he's standing by the window. My timing however, was great.  Pup_Cloud had just been in serious car accident, one that almost ended his life. 

The accident resulted in a tear in his brain, and his doctors think it could be months, even years, before he's totally healed. Pup shares that the tear occurred in the part of the brain that sends signals to both brain hemispheres, so his recovery is not only slow, but also incredibly frustrating.  Although he's slowed down, Pup's tail is still wagging, and he's still eager to please. He also loved the results of his shoot with ClearEye so much, he was looking forward to sharing the results of their work together.

'ClearEye was an easy dude to connect with. He's not only incredibly nice, he has a great vision of what he wants and a deep passion for his photography. The final images were beautiful.  Looking at those images, had me looking at myself differently and finding a whole new respect for myself.  The images had me actually understand and see why other people say that I’m attractive.'

Comments from ClearEye

How did you first connect with Pup_Cloud
Last summer I set up a Twitter page for the first time and started hunting for local models. Somehow I stumbled across Pup Cloud’s page. I really liked his look so I sent him a message, and he responded quickly.

What struck you first about his appearance?
I really liked his natural, boyish look and his shaggy hair. Plus, in his Twitter photos he really looked like he was having fun. -

Were there any discussions prior to the shoot about concepts, themes? 
Not really. But I did ask him to bring some of his pup gear and he volunteered the had also had a harness and singlet that he would like to use in the photos.  He was waiting for a newly-ordered pup mask to arrive, so we weren’t able to use it. We did do some shots with his collar. We plan to do another shoot soon, now that his mask has arrived. 

What stood out during the shoot?
When he first arrived I was immediately struck by his very deep, masculine voice. It was not what I expected. He’s beautiful and natural. I liked that he hadn’t shaved off all of his body hair, as some models do. He was a lot of fun to work with — very comfortable being nude. He mentioned that he used to wrestle in high school so he was used to being naked around other men, and he was right! 

Your favorite part about working with Pup_Cloud 
He was very enthusiastic and cooperative. I normally take frequent breaks to review the photos with a model, and he really loved the photos and was very excited about them. 

I always begged for a puppy for Christmas. .. this year, I finally got one! Although this little guy still has to take it easy, with still a ruff road of recovery, still ahead, he does have an OnlyFans Page that he set up before the accident.  Pup_Cloud is looking forward to getting back to shooting new work soon to keep his fans and his alphas entertained, satisfied, and filled with all his puppy love.