Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 5th

Andrew Skelton by Ethan James
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Happy Birthday today May 5th

Henry Cavill turns 29 today:

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That Face: Douglas Booth

Last month in my post featuring actor Jeremy Irvine I mentioned that he would soon be taking on the role of Pip in the newest version of Great Expectations. During my research, I uncovered another Pip (add a third, and we can call Gladys). When hitting google search for this Pip, English actor Douglas Booth you cannot help but be taken by his incredible face and eyes.

Booth portrayed Pip in a recent television adaptation of the Dickens classic which I recently saw part of when it aired on Masterpiece on PBS. The version did not totally hold my interest but when Booth is on screen you cannot help but be mesmerized. The former model got his biggest break two years ago playing Boy George in the tv movie 'Worried About The Boy'. Booth will be appearing in no less than five movies this year, sure to make him a household name in America. Most notably in playing Romeo in Carlo Carlei new version of the Shakespeare classic and LOL with Demi Moore, Thomas Jane and sadly Miley Cyrus. (sorry her appeal, beyond the tween set, still escapes me).

I had actually seen Douglas before, but had not really noticed his incredible appeal when I saw him as Heinz Neddermayer in last years Christopher and His Kind.

Douglas in Christopher & His Kind


You never know what posts will connect with readers and which ones will be quickly scrolled on by. It is like pulling teeth most days to get even a word or two in the form of a comment. I guess tumblr is part of the issue. People seem to just want to quickly glance at a hot shot and then immediately be treated to another image without having to stop and understand why they liked the first image to begin with.

I have come to terms with the fact no matter how much time, or how much thought, I put into a post...except for a couple of faithfuls, (thank you!!!) no one is going to say a word. I have learned the main reason to blog is not for those who read and comment, but for yourself. Once in awhile however I know a post connected, not by the comments but by an e-mail.

My grocery store encounter last month, which I wrote about in my April 18th edition of The Gentlemen of Marlon Boro, elicited a comment from Bobby and a couple of e-mails from two readers, one from California and one from Germany of similar blood rushes as they walked through a store. (Hardware in CA, another grocery in Germany).

I am not sure why a touch of crack can sometimes be nothing, sometimes even be distasteful and other times be totally orgasmic. I do know however the reason is not the man sporting the cleavage, but instead the head space of the brain that's viewing it.

Classic Playgirl: Eric Reins, April 1999

'Kiss me, touch me, take me...let me know you want me.'

Eric Reins
Hot Young Hunk
April, 1999

'We've been relentlessly teasing 12 year old Eric Reins for the last two hours and he has yet to lose his cool. Too bad we can't say the same thing for our horny selves. Let's e honest, it's difficult to remain composed while watching a 5'11" stud strut around a soccer field with effortless grace. Any red-blooded woman's mind would wander...'

'Soccer requires perfect coordination and concentration. Thankfully, both of these traits follow me into the bedroom.'