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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 23rd

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Happy Birthday today September 23rd

Happy 72nd to Bruce Springsteen!

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Seasonal Sightings

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The Heartthrob: Gleb Savchenko

Last week, in my latest edition of Actors & Skin, I featured actor Martin Kove.  (HERE:)  I chose the Cobra Kai actor after seeing publicity still from his appearance on this seasons Dancing With The Stars.  In the piece, I mentioned that I didn't actually watch the ABC dancing competition, but each season, I'm always curious what celebrities are brought on for the upcoming season.

I also key my eye on which of the male pros are brought back.  Even though I don't watch the show, I know the pros are hired based on popularity and sexual appeal as much or more than their moves on the dance floor.  All are great dancers, but some are better than others in front of the bright lights and cameras of a reality show.  Some are also better at handling the various temperaments of the sometimes dancing challenged group of 'celebrities.' 

One of the hottest, and one of the most popular male dancers on the show is Russian dancer, choreographer, and model Gleb Savchenko.  I have featured Gleb many times over the years,(HERE:)  usually because of the hots shots he takes each year underwear campaigns and for his annual calendar.

I have a folder on my desktop and it's been getting pretty full, especially after Gleb's shoot earlier this year for Mr. Warburton magazine.  The images in the magazine were hot, but so was Gleb's support for same sex couples on DWTS.  Gleb was actually hoping to have partnered with skater Johnny Weir when he was on the show but the show wasn't quite ready for two men doing the cha cha around the ballroom.  They're starting a female team this season, so there's hope for the future. Baby steps...

Gleb Savchenko on Instagram

Mr. Warburton Magazine

LifeSaver: Nas by Lights On Studio

'Just the slightest suggestion from me got Nas moving and posing like it was second nature. His attitude and posing were of a seasoned model although he was fairly new to this.'

I first featured the work of photographer Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) over six years ago.  Since then, I've spotlighted Tom's work in dozens of stories and posts with I'm guessing close to 50 different model that Tom has worked with. One of the popular subjects that Tom has photographed is most definitely Nas.

Whenever I feature Tom's work with Nas, I can see from the hit counter how popular the images are.  Nas has a incredible look and a unique erotic appeal that Tom so perfectly captures.  Nas' exudes sensuality through his beautiful dark eyes and though his body movements and sexy poses. Due to culture norms, it can also be difficult to find models from Malaysia who pose fully  nude.

Earlier this summer, I contacted Tom about featuring more of his work with Nas.  Tom sent on several different sets from the seven different set-ups from their day of shooting together. I began with a series in July as well as an interview with Tom about his work with Nas  (Architecturally Expressed) Given summer summer is now in the rear view mirror, I thought it a good time to feature this series with a nautical Nas firmly gripping his lifesaver. 

'After the shots in the warehouse we returned to the studio and just played with props and tried several backgrounds and props. Some classic physique images, underwear and some fun beach shots. .I try to get as many looks as possible from a model so I have lots to work with in the future.' 

We all know, that after a long day at the beach, (even an in-studio beach..) a shower is in order.  In addition to sweating under the hot sun, there is also sand which must be rinsed from our skin and crevices.  If you want to see more of Nas, join him as he cleans off in the shower on the NEXT PAGE HERE: