Sunday, March 24, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

Max Emerson in NYC
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Happy Birthday Today March 24th

One of these Calendar Girls hunks is turning 41 today, find out who, HERE:
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Max Emerson presents NYC

FH favorite Max Emerson needs your vote! The model and world traveler is in the running for a contest on to promote his love of New York City! Check out the video below, then head HERE: to vote for Max and find out the things he loves to do while in the big apple!

I Have a Crush on a Guy...

Sadly though, the guy is a Crood, and furthermore, a toon...

Growing up gay, especially back in the 80's, some of the safest guys to crush over live between the pages of comics. Most young boys like comics so purchasing and owning them wasn't such a big deal. Some of my first crushes were not created of flesh and bone, but instead ink and newsprint.

There really wasn't a better, or easier way to see hot muscled men, shirtless, or in skimpy tight outfits than in the pages of a Superhero comic. As I wrote in a previous post, it was not a Super, Aqua or Bat man that I was most interested, I think my biggest toon crush as a teen was Archie Andrews.

Archie was not testosterone driven, cute and nice to everyone around him. A bit naive, but basically kind and sweet. Archie was the kind of guy I did, and still am usually attracted to. That might be why I am oddly attracted to the brief glimpses of Guy Crood that pass across my screen when television ads come on for The Croods. It also might have something to do with the fact Guy is voiced by actor Ryan Reynolds. Ryan may have played a superhero on screen, but I still perceive him having many of the qualities, such being sweet and kind that Archie had. Reynolds, and Guy, may be hot and built, but underneath, he also seems a bit of a goof, definitely more Jughead than Reggie and certainly worthy of a childhood crush transference!

And, Just Because: Reynolds in Buying The Cow


I am sure we have all had that experience of seeing someone, maybe whom we didn't initially think was especially good looking. But, after getting to know them, seeing their heart, their humour and soul, we end up finding them incredibly attractive. Conversely, I am sure there have been people who we instantly saw as HOT as hell, that later, after finding out who they truly are, seem now sort of ugly.

Shortly after beginning FH I realized I had no interest in posting images without story. It was then that I began contacting photographers, models, actors and performers directly. I began a rule of not posting material without the permission and support of the artist involved. To do so, it means contacting them. I only spend my time featuring work I love, so when I contact an artist, I want them to know I am serious about the work and the process of putting a post together. Sharing one's work, especially with a blog can be a risk, especially when nudity is involved. I understand this clearly and want to ensure that I earn the trust that I am given. When I contact an artist, I like to share some of my past posts so they know how I put together a story. I also try to let them know what image led me to their work and what about it, and their work, that draws me in.

I would guess about 80% of the people I contact, respond very positively. Most are supportive of me featuring their work, and many comment how appreciative they are that I took the time to write and ask. I would guess another 15% either don't see my e-mail because it went to spam, or are not interested and decide to ignore my request and not write back. Although I may send a follow-up, when someone does not respond, I do not continue with a feature, nor to I use their work on the blog. There is another 4& who write back and let me know they are not interested. Although I don't always agree with their reasons (some feel their work is not worthy) I truly respect them taking the time to let me know. Then... there is that last 1%...

It has only happened a few times, but for some reason, that 1% can be awfully loud. The responses are usually anger filled, questioning why I would dare write them. Yesterday, after sending on a very complimentary request to photographer, a mere few minutes later came an angry hate filled response. It felt like an assault to my otherwise pleasant inbox, saying he HATED spam and added the threat of a $45,000 violation suit and a promise to report me for contacting him. It made me wonder if he actually read my note. It clearly stated I do NOT post any one's work without permission and asked if he supported a story. It also made me wonder what models or other professionals put their trust in someone obviously so hate filled and angry. I understand the net has made copy write messy and people's work gets spread at lightening speed.  Given this, I would think one might respond to someone actually asking permission a bit differently.

I don't want to give the 1% any more attention than it deserves, FH is devoted to honoring and promoting the other 99%.   I went back however, and looked at the images I initially liked. In keeping with the theme I described in first paragraph of this piece... after seeing a bit beyond the surface, I dodged a bullet and it all now just seems sort of ugly.

Last four images used with support and permission from The Notorious Mr. Boro