Thursday, August 26, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

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Seasonal Sightings

 A Day in the Dunes

Eddie Lucas: Bosun with the Mosun

'Grab your life jackets because this boat's going down.'

Earlier this month, when I featured Below Deck's David Bradberry, (HERE:) I mentioned how much I loved watching his friendship with fellow deck hand and roomie Eddie Lucas. Eddie seems like a really nice guy, sweet, caring and incredibly cute.  I know he goes through some 'Rocky' times in later seasons, but there is something so likable about Eddie.

I'm making my way through the original show and missed Eddie when he left the show.  I know he's now returned and am looking forward to getting to those episodes.  Eddie recently posted the promo for Season 9 on his Instagram.  The new season premieres October 25th and hopefully by then, I'll be caught up with the remaining seasons and can watch it as it airs.

David & Eddie

Balcony Views: Cody by Chris Teel

Cody by Chris Teel

Matt Dillon: Ultimate Summer Stud

I don't get you, man! You know, one minute you're... Shit, man, make your mind up! I mean, you came on to me. If you wanted to stop, you should've said something. No big deal. There's plenty of women around here.

Some of my best summers as a teenager were those spent at camp.  Not as a camper, but as a camp counsellor. Sure sure, it was all about the kids, but for the counsellors, it was all about the 2 or 3 days between camps.  It was during that window of days, the fun really happened.

One of my fondest memories was my first year as a Jr counsellor.  I was about 15, and was paired with a guy who was 17 to oversee a cabin.  During those 3 day breaks, we would always head out on day trips, or just hang around camp.  Hanging around camp was the best.  I'll never forget one day going swimming.  We all swam out to a raft about 50 yards out into the lake.

When we arrived at the raft I was shocked that each of the older counsellors yanked off their shorts and swimsuits to lay out naked.  They didn't say a word, it was just done like it was the norm.  The other Jr counsellor and I just stood shocked.  Eventually we jumped into the water and yanked off our suits as well.  Our bodies weren't was developed as the older guys.  

We wanted to join in, but we weren't brave enough to strip off on the raft. It was also safer to have our erections safely below the surface.  The odd thing was, the female counsellors were all just yards away, sunbathing on shore.  They kept their suits on, but from the odd giggle, you knew they were enjoying the view from shore.

A few weeks ago, 1980's Little Darlings was playing the 80's movie channel.  I didn't watch, but it again had me thinking about those days at camp.  They also had me thinking about Matt Dillon in his tighty whities.  When this film was made, Dillon was about the same age that I was when I was a Jr Camp Counsellor..  Dillon's character Randy is the ultimate summer camp stud and reminds me of those summer days  at camp in the early 90's.