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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 4th

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Happy Birthday today June 4th

Happy 66th to Parker Stevenson!

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The Bottom Line

Since I devoted yesterday to featuring models posing naked for artists, I thought a turn of the tables was in order.

Visions & Views: Kyle by Richard Rothstein

'Of all of the features that make for beautify in both men and women, nothing speaks like the eyes; and Kyle’s eyes are beyond description. Lost in them. Windows to the soul. Deep dark pools that seduce and compel.'

Given my passion for windows within art, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I instantly fell in love with these shots from Richard Rothstein's newest shoot with Kyle. Windows reflect so much more than the natural light they bring in, they bring an added depth to images and create an fascinating contrast between inside and an outside. I always wonder what the view is on the other side of the glass and what the model is looking at. I also wonder if the see through wall welcomes an unexpected audience to the shoot.

With Richard's shots of Kyle, it was hard to focus on the view beyond the vision. As Richard noted Kyle has the most beautiful eyes, and having those deep pools of blue gazing back at me as I was choosing images made it difficult to concentrate. Richard sent on over fifty shots for me to choose from and most of my favorites were portraits and headshots. It was difficult, but I pulled myself together and chose some body shots to add to the mix.

It wasn't much of a struggle given Kyle's physique is equally as eye catching as his peepers. I love how Richard shot Kyle in the open apartment, especially in connection to the windows. You'll notice in one series that Kyle doesn't seem to mind stripping down in front of the large and uncovered pictured windows.

I could give you the address of the apartment, in case any of you might want to move in across the street, but that would mean not being able to share more of Richard's work with Kyle in the future. For now, we'll remain visual voyeurs, not across the street with binoculars, but inside the apartment with a virtual up close view.

'Kyle fell from the sky like an angel. A friend of a friend who had been following my work, Kyle very much wanted to model for me. I hadn’t realized just how much he wanted to be in front of my camera and my eye until I learned that he would be driving six hours from western Pennsylvania just for the shoot.'

'I must admit that made me very nervous, working with someone for the first time—and someone with almost no modeling experience—who would be driving six hours in each direction just to be in front of my camera. And, yes, of course, I was very much flattered but also very much worried that the experience would be a disaster. Would we have chemistry? Would he take direction? Would he have a personality?'

'But then he shows up and it was all about dreams coming true. Of all of the features that make for beautify in both men and women, nothing speaks like the eyes; and Kyle’s eyes are beyond description. Lost in them. Windows to the soul. Deep dark pools that seduce and compel. Sometimes, you look in a man’s eyes and it’s clear that nobody’s home, in Kyle’s case, his eyes reflected fantasies, emotions, romance and as many stories as one could imagine. It’s actually quite challenging to photograph someone with such extraordinary eyes; you have to fight to remember that he’s not so bad from the neck down. :)'

Favorite Face of the Day: Holter Graham

'The magnetic Holter Graham...has developed from a nerd into a hunk.'
The New York Post

I'm not sure actor Holter Graham was ever a nerd, but he certainly has grown into a incredibly hot and talented actor. Last week, I re-watched a bit of Maximum Overdrive, a movie I first saw when I was just a kid. The Stephen King flick reminded me of my childhood crush and marked Holter's acting debut as Deke, one of the survivors after a comet caused the earth's machines to turn on, and attempt to kill off the human race.

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

After his big screen debut, Holter began working steadily on the big screen including roles in two John Waters flicks, Hairspray (1988) and Cry-Baby. (1990) I remember really crushing in 1996 when seeing him Fly Away Home. Holter was incredibly sexy with his long hair as Barry Strickland, one of the friends helping Jeff Daniels and Anna Paqin to get a flock of Canada Geese on their migration path.

Holter on left in Hairspray (1988)

Holter went on to appear on film, as well as appearances on television in shows including roles on Damages, Law & Order, Rescue Me and Army Wives. Although Holter continues to work steadily as an actor, he has also made a name for himself, a big name, as a audio book reader. Holter has been the voice of many successful audio books by authors like Nicholas Sparks and Maximum Overdrive author Stephen King. One of his biggest sellers thus far has to be last year's Fire & Fury by Michael Wolff.

'As Read by Holter Graham, Trump's speeches acquire a new, comic resonance.'
Raincoast Books

Fly Away Home (1996)

In 2010, Holter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Holter documented his journey through the disease, and his successful bone marrow transplant in an incredible blog diary entitled I have cancer; what's your excuse?. Through the diary, Holter shows he is also a gripping writer his honest and raw account of his experience. The image above comes from Craig LaCourt for Holter's On the Real appearance. As you can see from one of Holter's latest headshots below, Holter is looking both healthy and incredibly sexy.

Below: Holter with Adrien Brody, Norman Reedus and the cast of Six Ways to Sunday (1997)

Spin the Bottle (2000)

I think Holter's only nude scenes were in the 2000 film, Spin The Bottle. In the film Jonah brings 4 childhood friends together he has not seen in over a decade. His goal isn't to reunite, but to get revenge and a game of spin the bottle leads Jonah to hook up and have sex with two of the friends, one female and one male.

Holter has quick butt flash as he jumps in the water in a love scene with Ted, played by the adorable Michael Riggs. I could not find a copy of the film to buy, but a 'so so' copy is available on Youtube HERE: Riggs also has a brief butt flash when he goes skinning dipping near the beginning of the film. The film was a bit drawn out, but Holter made it easy to see why the friends were so drawn to Jonah.