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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 24th

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Room With A View

Light by beeno10

Sponge Worthy?

Last week, I began taking a look at the hot hunks who guest starred on Seinfeld. I began with David Puddy (HERE:) and today, it's time to take a closer look at James... Seinfeld fans may remember James, the adorable wake-up service guy with two equally adorable dogs. Unfortunately James had Elaine on his list of wake-ups.... and nothing went smoothly after. Check out more of James, and actor Brian Mcnamara on PAGE 2 HERE:

Women on Top: Celebrate The Last Steamy Days of Summer

It's always interesting to find another new magazine that I'd not previously heard of and that's certainly the case with Women on Top.  Like Playgirl, this magazine was obviously on the surface, geared toward women, particularly women strong women who like their men hot, naked, and at their disposal.

Given this issue was from 1993, (Vol1 No11) I'm assuming the publisher knew the magazine's title would only cover a small segment of their viewing audience.  Then again, given the magazine didn't stick around for long, maybe they didn't....  Check out some highlights on PAGE 2 HERE:

Josh: Summer Shadows

Just as each year has four seasons, each season also has distinct differences in their beginnings, their middles and their ends. For most seasons, the differences come down to light and shadow.  When the summer begins, the sun's light is powerful, providing the heat and light to launch the season of growth, pulling dormant plants from the soil and warming both land and the oceans.

By August however, certain changes can be both seen an felt.  Crickets, born by the heat of the early summer sun are now fully mature, chipping away as they head towards the finale of their 90 day life cycle.  The sun's position has shifted, setting earlier and causing changes in the day, afternoon and evening light.  Shadow length is longer and  the shadows more pronounced that earlier in the season.  Although still bright, things aren't quite as clear, quite as well lit as they were just a month a go.

Autumn is coming, and ever sunny day, and every day it's still warm enough to get into the ocean or the pool is one to be cherished.  That is exactly what Josh did on one recent shadow filled August day.  Josh loves the sense of freedom of being naked outside, but the Toronto based model isn't a huge fan of the nude beaches in his area. Fortunately, one of Josh's photographer friends Jeff, has a pool in his private and secluded backyard at his home in the country side just outside of Ancaster Ontario.

Jeff has been taking photos for about five years and Josh has always admired his work and his keen eye. Jeff focus is outdoor photography, especially when he can blend his passion for nature and his love of the male form.  Josh and Jeff have done five shoots together, both inside and outdoors.  Although they have shot with and without clothing, given they're friends, Josh says says the shoot was really relaxed, just hanging out with a good friend around a pool.

'Having been born in Spain, wearing a speedo, or wearing nothing at all, wasn't weird to me. Men in Europe aren't afraid of changing on the beach and nudity is more common. I've done a number of nude shoots and life modelling for artist before. '

The concept for the shoot was simple, just a late August summer day, relaxing alone by the pool.  Josh enjoyed hanging outside, and shares that walking around naked in the sun brought about a great sense of freedom.  Being so relaxed, Josh was comfortable with the planned erection shots, something which would be incredibly natural for anyone hanging out naked by the pool.  Although the focus was on the male form, the focus was as much on the surrounding colors, light and shadows and the suns effect on the naked body soaking it all in.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 23rd

Tim: Women on Top
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Happy Birthday today August 23rd

Happy 32nd to actor Chris Galya!

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Behind the Curve

Prime Time Supporters: Brian Mcnamara

Elaine Benes: So what you are saying is that 90 to 95 percent of the population is undateable?
Jerry Seinfeld: UNDATEABLE!

Obvious Elaine didn't think James (Brian Mcnamara) was undatwable, but it didn't last long.... Thanks to James' dogs, and some mutton meat Jerry stuffed in Elaine coat pockets, things went south pretty quickly.

I think I first noticed actor Brian Mcnamara when I was kid watching him in Short Circuit, and followed him in his many roles in both films and television since the mid-eighties.  I can't believe after a decade plus of working on FH this is Brian's first appearance on the site!

With Debbie Reynolds in Sadie & Son (1987)

With Ethan Hawke in Mystery Date (1991)

When The Party's Over (1993)

Despite his many many roles, I believe Brian's only nude scene was a brief butt flash in 1993's When The Party's Over.  Brian plays Taylor in the film, and his co-stars include Sandra Bullock and Rae Dawn Chong and Michael Landes.  Although Brian's butt flash was brief, it was worth hunting down a copy!

Back Issues: Women On Top Vol1 No11 1993


Sink The Pink
Photographs by Jackie Kin

It's not so much that we're snooker loopy round here, as that an invitation from Richard to come round and watch him play with his balls was one we thought we couldn't ignore. As we chalked up his cue, the question in our minds was, simply, will we score?


Summertime Blues
Photographs by Alex Simpson

One of the many things we love about summer is a gentle walk in the woods. Ah, the birds singing, the bees humming, the Then, if a girl's luck is really in, she could happen upon a man like Greg, communing with nature beneath the greenwood tree, and all that. Forget the teddy, if we go down int he woods today, we want a plain old bare picnic.


Miami Nice
Photographs by Jeanette Jones

It's true that Miami brings to mind thoughts of Don Johnson running around with no socks on, as well as palm trees and lots of sunshine. Mind you, down by the waterfront on a lazy summer afternoon, if you're really lucky, you might be treated to the sight of a man like Rod, baring his all to the summer skies, Mmmm nice.


A Quiet Night In
Photographs by Alex Simpson

Sometimes, you need a change from the nightclub feeding frenzy. Sometimes, you just don't want to go out at all. Nights like these are when you need a guy like Tim: quiet, sensitive, totally irresistible. He'll fix you a drink, rub your back, and show you just how much he likes you. Mmmm, let's just lie down on the floor and talk about ourselves together...