Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deuce by Mount Photography

'I am very interested in the human form and although my work takes me often towards fashion photography I enjoy working with the figure in more abstract ways thinking about the figure's relationship to space and creating dynamic representations.'
Mark Montovio

One of the things about Mark Montovio's work that I love is how be puts many of his models together for couple shoots. Using Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal and Morocco as a backdrop may be part of it, but I think the combination of location, along with pose and concept, create images with are in some ways non-sexual while erotically charged all at the same time. In these shots of Cristian poses with fellow Spanish model Alvaro, and Antonin from Romania.

'Because I'm so busy, I try to book shoots together particularly if they involve travel to a particular venue. I start working with models individually, first with one while other one changes etc and it is usually always the models who say this would work well and help each other out. Then when they get a relationship going they feel ok to do so many of the things I manage to photograph because it has come from them and I have just had the eye to direct it in a particular way.'

'Cristian very quickly settled in to this way of working and I'm always impressed because when it happens so quickly results are great, the shoot is fun, trust is established with strong foundations, and then the rest is easy. If communication and trust are established clearly, there are no problems..

Mount Photography