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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 31st

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✨ Happy New Year!!! 

I truly appreciate all of those who drop in from time to time to spend a few minutes of their day checking out FH.  I am so grateful to all those who support and contribute to the site.  I also want to again especially thank those artists and models and who create and provide original content.  Discovering new, or at least new to me, visuals is what inspires me to continue with the site.  Every time I think it's time to pack it in, a new image, artist or model, motivates me keep going!  

2022 felt a bit like a transition year for me,  several things came to an end, but new beginnings seemed on pause.  Looking forward to kickstarting few of those in 2023!  Happy New Year to all!  

Artwork below by Felix D'Eon

This Year, Last Year, Any Damned Year!

It's that time on FH to look back at some of the hottest male nude scenes in cinema.  You can check out the full post on the next page, (HERE:) but one of the naked headliners of 2022 was without a doubt actor Jack O'Connell. 

Jack is no stranger to on-screen, and on-stage, nude scenes.  Most of us first caught a glimpse of the English actor's ass when he was just 18 on the UK based series Skins.  We continued to follow the talented actor's career, catching glimpses of Jack's junk in the 2013 prison drama Starred Up and on stage in 2017 as Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. (HERE:)

Skins (2009)

Never one to disappoint, Jack again shared it all in the 2022 adaptation of the D. H. Lawrence novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover.  I finally saw the 1981 version a few years ago and instantly fell in lust with it's leading man Nicholas Clay. That led me to do an entire day of posts featuring the film, and all the naked Nicholas that I could find. (HERE:)

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (2017)

Lady Chatterley's Lover (2022)

'An unhappily married aristocrat begins a torrid affair with the gamekeeper on her husband's country estate.'

I'm not sure any re-make could challenge Clay's outdoor shower scene in the original, (HERE:) but O' DConnell as Oliver Mellors, and director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre certainly don't disappoint!  Bes sure to check out my full 2022 version of Sex & Cinema on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

RearView Mirror by George Duncan & Briancan Photography

First 2 images from Briancan

For many, the New Year is a time to put into practice that old saying, 'out with the old, and in with the new.'  On FH, the old, or older, is equally as important as the new.  Although I love featuring new shoots, new models and new photographers, I also love looking back, at artists and images that both visually inspired and brought me joy.

Looking back at last year, one of my favorite shoots to feature was a New Year's Eve shoot from Brian Photography. (Too Early in the Game.)  The New Year's theme sort of happened by circumstance.  After seeing an image of model Cayden Clay that Brian had  posted on Instagram, I shot him a message about featuring their work together.  Brian was on board, but it was month or so later that I connected with Cayden about the piece.

From George

It turns out, that Brian had scheduled another shoot with Cayden for December 4th, so I decided to ask if they  might be able to shoot a few New Year's Eve themed images for the site.  Fortunately both were on board for capturing some festive photos.  Since most holidays are better with friends, model Sterlingjock joined the festivities, ensuring Cayden didn't have to ring the new year in alone.

From Brian

Turns out, there wasn't just a creative duo in front of the camera, but duo behind it as well.  Brian brought along friend and fellow Toronto based photographer George Duncan.  Since the initial post last year, and with Brian's encouragement, I've been talking with George about ideas for a new holiday shoot for this year.  Circumstances have prevented a new shoot from happening yet, but that didn't mean I still didn't want to feature George's imagery.

From George

After featuring a few shots from George this past Halloween, (HERE:) I had the idea of a rearview revisit the New Year's Eve shoot, this time, contrasting the different views and perspectives of the two artists involved.  I love featuring shoots from different perspectives, and have done so many times in the past.   

From Brian

Some of the most interesting posts have included a model, or models shot by one, two, or even three or four photographers.  The 2014 Utah shoot that I featured, (HERE:) included three models shot separately and simultaneously by Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy, Tom Clark and StudioMGPhotography.

From George

I enjoy seeing how each artist views what's in front of them.  Although the models and locations are the same, each photographer has their own unique view and way of capturing a moment.  If you look closely at the views from both Brian and George, there are of course obviously similarities, but there are also both subtle and more notable differences. 

From Brian

There are clear differences in each artist's method of editing and processing, but the more subtle variances that I find the most interesting.  Some might consider them minor, but as a bit of a visual detective, I enjoy exploring the smaller details including small changes with movement and pose and the eye contact from and between Cayden and Sterlingjock.  Millisecond moments that would never exist without there being more than one photographer and more than one view. 

From George

From Brian

Undressed & Uncorked: by TR Pics


'Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.' 
F. Scott Fitzgerald

No matter what you're uncorking this New Year's Eve, it's important to pop off safely.   The beginning is the easy part.  To start, simply slowly and carefully peel off the covering.  It's important that the longest and smoothest part is fully exposed.   

Next, it's important to get a firm grip, wrapping your hands tightly around the area closest to the tip.  Then, it's time to start twisting, gently at first, although it may require more pressure and energy to ensure a really powerful and robust pop.  Be careful though, if all goes right, when it explodes into the air, you're likely to get just a little bit wet.

Thanks to Tom from TR Pics, we have two holiday hunks,  Gingy Redd and Rugger Canis, popping their corks for FH viewers this New Year's Eve are .  Gingy goes first, slowly sipping the sweat, sparking liquid.  Rugger goes second, quickly downing his fizzed filled bubbly.   If you follow the site, you know that Tom and I share a love of holiday themed imagery.  In addition to his Halloween and Christmas themed imagery, Tom had previously shared a New Year's Eve shoot back in 2017. (HERE:


When I asked Tom if he'd shot any new images or the ear end holiday, he replied that although he hadn't, he had a few shoots lined up for the upcoming week.  Tom said that he' ask the models he was scheduled to shoot if they'd pose a few NYE themed shots.  As you can see, Gingy and Rugger happily grasped their flutes.  Thanks to Gingy, Rugger and especially Tom. Not only did Tom capture these images so close to Christmas, but it was also right in the middle of getting ready to leave for a three week holiday trip!

'New Year's has always been about ringing in the new but not forgetting the old... and these two models kind of incorporate that notion for me. Rugger (beard, against the brick wall) is a new model for me, and we hit it off tremendously. We are already making plans on shooting again right after the beginning of 2023. '

'Gingy, is actually a model I shoot a few years ago, but he looked very differently. He had short cropped hair and a beard, and after our second shoot decided to take break from social media. Two months ago he wrote to me that we was ready to begin posing again, and with his dramatic new look (mainly the long hair), we had a great shoot! He too plans to come back soon and create some more art in front of my lens. Here's hoping the new year will be as good if not better than this past one! Cheers!'

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 30th

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Blow Me!

Old Acquaintances

In the song Auld Lang Syne, Scottish poet Robert Burns suggests that old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind.  On most eve's of the New Year, people sing the classic with many thinking that they're toasting to remembering old friends.  In reality, the poem is a little more pragmatic, suggesting that some people, and some friends, should be forgotten and left in the past. 

Some people, and some things, are simply just harder to forget.  I'll never forget growing up in the 80's and 90's and seeing my first images of the nude male form.  It started, with male/female layouts in my father's Playboy magazine.  I soon learned of Playgirl, and mustered every ounce of bravery I had to buy issues at the store.  

I've written before about my experiences of and moments of flop sweat, walking to the counter with a Playgirl magazine hidden beneath a copy of another magazine, usually a Playboy or Sports Illustrated. I used to watch for an older female woman behind the counter, then waited until the store looked pretty much empty before heading to the register.  I'd then nervously smile and pray no one came in, or up to the counter behind me, before my magazines were placed safely in a bag. 

Today, I can look back fondly on those memories, a bit both happy and sad that kids don't have to go through that today.  Not shocking to FH viewers, I especially loved their holiday pictorials.  I try to find new ones each year to post, but I think I may have gone to the well one to many times.  I couldn't find a new New Year's Eve shoot to post this year, but I did remember that I gathered up all that I could find a few years ago.  They included models Kory Wolf, (pictured here:) Dan Jacobs,  Jean-Michel Villette and a few others.  You can check them all out HERE:

Ain't No Party Like A New Years Party

We've all been to parties on New Years that we'd just as soon regret.  We do things on December 31st we wouldn't think of doing any other time of the year.  From my personal experiences, and my personal embarrassments, I've come up with a few tips to survive the dreaded, but sometimes unavoidable, New Year's Eve Party. 

#1 Dress Practically 

Despite still dealing with Christmas turkey bloat, you convince yourself this is the last time you'll pig out this year.   Alcohol certainly helps implant this believe that can lead to embarrassing moments during the party.  My suggestion is not wear anything too tight or form fitting to cause you to be uncomfortable on the last night of the year.  Stylishly naked is the way to go, a formal collar and bow tie is all you need to stay comfortable yet still look dressed up.

# 2 Enjoy the entertainment, don't be the entertainment

Unless you're a professional entertainer like JayK, (pictured) stay in your damned chair!  Most of us can't work a genital balloon bouquet the way JayK can, so don't even try.  You'll make a fool of yourself on the dance floor and they'll be loads of pictures to remind you.  

I know, I know, after a few drinks you'll be tempted to get up and choose Aqua's Barbie Girl as your karaoke song choice, but know right now, it won't be well received.  This leads us to #3, bring along a designated downer.  Yes, you need a wet blanket on hand to pull the fire alarm, yank the plug on the karaoke machine or pull focus by doing something even more outrageous than what you  had planned. It may be hard to find a friend to do this task, so you may have to hire someone, but trust me, you won't be sorry.

#4 Pace your alcohol consumption

Now Malik looks like he can handle his alcohol, but with free drinks and champagne fountains, not everyone is so well equipped and gifted.  On top of the two glasses of wine you had at dinner, the six glasses of champagne, and the shots you lost count of, good decision making is not really an option.

My trick, timed moderation is really the key.  You can't be expected to monitor your alcohol the entire night, so pick just an hour to be diligent.  So.... drink that wine with dinner, but then sober up before arriving at the party.  Then, between 9pm and 10pm, stick to water or soft drinks.  Then, at 10, make a quick exit,  take a cab or uber home, and then drink our face off ringing the New Year in safely under your own roof.

#5 Don't Overstay your welcome

If you didn't listen to #4 and take an early exit, make sure you leave with 30 minutes of the midnight hour.  If you don't, when you head to that back bedroom to get your winter coat, you're likely find this, or some other unexpected sight on the bed instead of your coat.  If you ignored all of my tips, then you're likely to be this guy on the bed...  If you want to be the guy on the bed, well the hell with you, these tips clearly weren't for you.

#6 Mingle, laugh and have fun!

Although my tips are ensure a successful party experience, if you're too regimented, and overthink overthink them, you're likely to have a party experience like the guy in the image above.  Makes sure that in-between all of that not eating, not drinking, not dancing, not singing karaoke, arriving late and leaving early, you stop to mingle, and like the guys below, have a little fun.   Or.. better yet, this year, order some Chinese food, have a glass of wine and do I like I'm going to and stay the hell home!