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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 27th

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Happy Birthday today July 27th

Happy 49th to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau!

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Import of the Day: Franz Pätzold

'Actors like to claim that they are ready to go to the limit. Only these limits are just somewhere else. With Franz Pätzold, they are always a bit further back than others. When he "pushes the limits," he passes them.'

30 German actor Franz Pätzold is not stranger to nude scenes, in film, on television, and especially on stage. Pätzold began studying theatre in 2007 at the College of Music and Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and quickly garnered both acclaim and awards for his roles on stage. Although he moved on to roles in TV and film, Pätzold's heart and soul remain in the theatre and has continued to work on stage in Germany in dozens of roles over the past decade.

Bier Royal (2018)

Don Juan, Residenz Theater (2019)

It was reading about Pätzold's role as legendary love Don Juan on stage this year in The Residenz Theater's production that had e looking for more about the actor.  Thanks to those Theatre and film lovers over at DC's, I was able to find more info, and of course images!

Below: You'll only see Franz between the legs of the actor on the right...

The Fabric Formation: Elo by Rmark Photo

'The golden color and pattern seemed perfect for Elo.'

Except for commercial shoots, where products and campaigns form the creative concept, most photographers of the male form find for inspiration from a variety of places.  Frequently it's something model themselves that stimulate's an artist creatively, but sometimes it's something more tangible and real.

Many photographers are struck by a location, and then look for models to shoot there.  Sometimes, it's a piece of fashion, a hat, a t-shirt, or an especially sexy pair of undies.  Sometimes, as in the case of this shoot, it's a piece of fabric.  Now Roger (Rmark Photo) had planned to shoot Elo for awhile, but it was a certain gold patterned fabric that sparked the creative core of the shoot.

Some FH readers may remember Elo from his previous appearance featuring his work with photographer Anthony Timiraos. (At his Most)  Elo's magnificent body and striking look are visually powerful all on their own, and Roger was looking for  a unique way, and just the right pieces to add to the shoot to showcase Elo's incredible look to the fullest.

The bright red briefs, the huge mirror, and gold fabric were all pieces Roger knew would look amazing in the shoot.  Roger had actually found and purchased the gold fabric months earlier, but held off using it in a shoot until he found the perfect model to photograph against it.  Not every model would show up as well as Elo in front of the rich patterned tapestry.  Like the fabric, the mirror added element of drama, especially with the poses Roger asked Elo to try and with the lightening Roger set up for the shoot.

'Elo is great to work with, very pleasant and up beat. I know some photographers don't show models their images in the camera during their photoshoot.  For Elo, however, it became a motivator. When seeing the results, and how his poses looked in the camera, Elo was creativity stimulated to push further and try more things. In the end, the poses were a creative collaboration.'