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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

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Happy Birthday today June 14th

Happy 39th to actor Lawrence Saint-Victor!

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Jesse Hutch in Pretty Little Stalker

When it comes to thespian torsos, I'm not sure theirs a hotter one than actor Jesse Hutch's!  Although the Alberta born actor had been a part of many Canadian based productions, I think I first really noticed him in Red-Handed, a 2012 episode of Once Upon A Time. (HERE:)  Although he didn't display his torso in the episode, there's was just something special about him that had me wanting to check out more of his work.

Except for a wee bit of butt crack in one of his wife's Instagram story, Hutch has kept his pants on, but his shirt however, has thankfully come off.  The first time I saw him shirtless, was with a rare bit of skin in a Hallmark Christmas movie.  In 2017's Snowmance (HERE:) Hutch removed his winter plaid to give us a glorious view of his incredible hairy chest. 

Smallville (2002-2005)

A few months ago I caught the actor in another Hallmark movie, this time it was the spring themed Making Something Great.  Unfortunately Hutch kept his shirt on this time, but it didn't really matter, the actor is so likable and engaging, he still managed to get me hot and bothered.  He also had me on the hunt for more shirtless scenes.

Jesse Hutch on Instagram

A quick search led me to the great site ausCaps which had images of Hutch from 2018's Pretty Little Stalkers.  I hadn't seen the movie before, but the images had me on the hunt to find a copy and wanting to check it out.

Pretty Little Stalker (2018)

' A self help writer and her family become the target of a troubled girl'

Christo Spyropoulos in Love On A Horse

A son and his stepmother, without noticing their father/husband peeping at them, make love on a horse. The father, while being a painter, gets inspired and begins a new painting that creates tension between them.

A couple of years ago, I featured Greek actor Christo Spyropoulos and his nude scenes in 1974's Spiti stous vrahous. (Love on the Rocks) (HERE:)  The softcore stud starred in just four films in the early 70's, all which required him to be shirtless and naked much of the time. 

To koritsi kai t' alogo (Love On A Horse) is actually the first of Christo's four turns, and much like Love On The Rocks, it begins with him arriving at a house, and quickly getting out of his clothes.  This quickly attracts the attention of his step-mother, and even without subtitles, it wasn't hard to predict what would happen next. 

Although Christo eventually went full frontal, in Love On A Horse, the nudity from Christo is a series of butt shots, including some flashes as he rides both the horse, and then his step-mother.

I have yet to find a copy of Christo's forth (and final) film, (Dress Your Flesh With Desire) but I did find an old VHS version of his second film, Gymnoi sto hioni. (Naked in the Snow)  Check out caps and clips on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The long scene with the horse was interestingly put together.  I couldn't figure out for sure if the horse was being used as a prop, or was  part of an odd threesome....  Either way, the horse was straddled by two naked wet bodies...

Spring to Life: Zach by NICKET

Sprummer: Late spring, the transition time as spring turns to summer

In many parts of the world, next week mark's a seasonal change.  At the summer solstice, the Sun travels the longest path through the sky, and that day therefore has the most daylight.  Although the longest day of the year mark's a beginning, in some ways it's also an end.  Although summer is officially beginning, it also the start of six months of us losing brief moments of light each day.

Summer is actually my least favorite season.  My favorite is Autumn, followed by winter, then spring and then summer.  It's not really about the heat, or even the humidity, I love a hot summer day and have great memories of beach days, camp fires, family vacations and summer parties.  I also have experienced some difficult times and loss during the summer, and those memories end to annoyingly return each year with the change of seasons.

I also hated working during the summer, like many, I've never lost the feeling of being a student, when summer meant being on vacation.  My current office was not air conditioned for many years, and June, July and August used to be brutal before we finally pushed for and had central air installed. There were many years I didn't have any AC at work or at home.  I know we've all experienced getting out of the shower on a hot, humid morning and being drenched from sweat as you rush to get dressed and out the door to work.  The only saving grace was the blast of AC in the car on the drive to work.

I've been fortunate to have been able to work from home much of the past year.  Not only has that given me a bit more of that 'summer' vacation feel, it's also had me looking forward to summer for the first time in years.  With the pandemic still surging most of the last year, we were all encouraged to stay in as much as possible.  As hard as this was, it was slightly easier on cold winter days.  

As the weather has improved, and the seasons have changed, many of us have felt like running outside, ripping off our clothes, and doing cartwheels and jumping for joy. Last month, I was thrilled to be able to feature more of Zach and his work with NICKET.  Nicholas sent on several new series from his work with Zach and this set seemed a perfect way to celebrate Sprummer.  .

Zach is generally pretty care free and my guess is that he'd be smiling and doing cart wheels regardless of the weather, and regardless of the season.  The summer however, means he might be doing those things with just a little less clothing on.  In this series, Zach's shirt comes off, allowing the sun's heat to wash over the skin on Zach's back and chest.  It was only a matter of time then, when Zach's shorts had to get peeled off as well.  Check out those shots on the NEXT PAGE HERE: