Sunday, September 28, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

Love this pic of the hot young new model Alan Carey.

Also celebrating today September 28th

Also celebrating today September 28th

Actor Mathew Botuchis turns 25 today.

Actor Matt Cohen turns 26 today.

Professional skateboarder, tv and radio personality, and of course from Jackass, Bam Margera turns 29 today.

Rugby's Dan Lyle turns 38 today.

Spanish pop singer Sergio Dalma turns 44 today.

Just Because: Kevin McKidd

Every season, tv shows attempt to keep viewers interested by introducing new characters. Most shows fail at this however. Producers never seem to get that what most viewers want are not new characters, but good storylines for the original core cast they grew to love, not new blood to take storyline away from the other cast members. Sometimes though, shows get it right. One great example of it working was the introduction of Kerr Smith on Dawson's Creek. There are many new characters that simply fall flat. I must say that I was blown away by the introduction of Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy last week. The season opener was very well done and Kevin's character, Owen, was both interesting and hot. He will be a great character for Christina (The over the top talented Sandra Oh) to play off of. You could feel the heat between these characters from the get go! Well done Grey's with the introduction of this great new addition!

Blast From The Past for September 28th Rob Stone

Who remembers Rob Stone? Rob did not have the success of some of the other actors of the 80's but he certainly was memorable to me. Rob began on tv in the early 80's with guest shots on 'The Facts of Life', 'The Jefferson's', 'Silver Spoons' and other tv shows of the time. Rob got a regular gig on Mr. Belvedere which aired for 5 years beginning in 1985. I was only about 10 when Mr. Belvedere hit the air, so I went through some pretty important years watching some TGIF on ABC. I remember thinking Rob Stone was one of the hottest guys on tv at the time, always wearing tight jeans and looking so hot. Cannot say I was a huge fan of the show, but I did watch regularly to see Rob. Rob seemed to vanish from acting after Belvedere, with only a couple of tv appearances after that. Rob moved to directing and producing and worked for the history channel for a bit

Now 47, Rob came to Hollywood after growing up in Texas. After doing some theater as a young teen in Dallas. In California, he attended The University of Southern California's BFA Drama conservatory where he was discovered by an agent who later became Rob's agent who helped him get his first tv appearances. One of the most interesting rumors about Stone was that he was in fact Marilyn Manson. Many sources claimed the two were one in the same. Of course this is not the case, but the rumor stuck for quite a few years. Not sure what Rob is doing these days, if anyone knows, please drop me a line. Regardless I thank him for some great memories from the late 80's.

Below: With The Cast of Mr. Belvedere.

Below: With Malcolm Jamal Warner

Below: Rob's last tv appearance to date on Matlock in 1993. Pics via Rob's Yahoo Group, link below. Thank You!

Below: The most recent pic of Rob I could find.

Rob Does not seem to have a site, but he does have a great Yahoo Group you can find HERE:

Favorite Import of the Day: Thierry Pepin

Canadian hottie (hottie does not quite describe the sexual heat which comes off any magazine page or computer screan that Thierry Pepin is in.) From Montreal, Thierry is a model and actor. Signed with Major Model Management, Thierry has been working steadily on campains the past few years, the most recent being 3G underwear based out of Quebec. Thierry has the most amazing hair, eyes and lips which are a sharp contrast to most other male models which is why he stands out so much. Thierry has a well built body, larger than the most other models on the runway, yet from the pics I have seen, he is usually the hottest while strutting down the runway.

Check out more Thierry at Major Models HERE:
Check out his official site HERE: with tons of great pics and information.

Thierry in 'Danny In The Sky'.