Sunday, November 4, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 4th

Had this shot of Nick for awhile now, no day like the present to use it as pic of the day!

Happy Birthday today November 4th to:

Although Matthew McConaughey has never really bothered about taking off his shirt on film, or for any camera, he seemed to shy away from taking off the pants...until this year in both Magic Mike and Killer Joe. Happy 43rd Matthew!

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Magic Mike

Killer Joe

Women I Love: Jami Gertz

A couple of weeks ago in TV Guide, there was a small article on actress Jami Gertz and her 5 favorite roles. The article reminded me how many projects that I love that Gertz has been apart of. Jami Gertz is also one of Hollywood's most successful actress's, working pretty much non-stop on stage, and in television and movies since the early eighties.

Although many may have been introduced to Gertz as Muff on Square Pegs, I was a bit too young to remember that show, but have put it on my DVD list to buy. I do however remember loving Gertz as another snooty student, Bootsie on The Facts Of Life. I think it was Bootsie that first introduced me to Gertz. Throughout the mid to late eighties, Gertz appeared in many memorable movies including; Sixteen Candles, Mischief, Quicksilver, Less Than Zero, and my personal favorite, The Lost Boys.

Below: Gertz as Muffy Tepperman in Square Pegs< (1982/83)

In the late eighties, Gertz was one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses. What was really most amazing about Gertz is how brilliantly she moved from over the top character parts such as Bootsie and Rosalie in Mischief, to leading lady with roles in The Lost Boys, Renegades and Crossroads.

Below: Gertz as Boots St. Claire in The Facts Of Life (1984)

Since the early nineties, Gertz has mostly appeared on television in roles on Seinfeld (Do you have a square to spare?), ER, and her EMMY nominated turn on Ally MacBeal. Although Gertz still made movies (most notably Twister in 1996), television, including her acclaimed 2002 turn as Gilda Rader, is where she has worked most steadily. Gertz currently stars on ABC's The Neighbours (which I have yet to watch) which just got a full season pick-up from the network.

Gertz with John Stamos in Dreams (1984)

BTW: Those five favorite roles of Gertz's were in: Gilda Radner, Square Pegs, Fighting The Odds, Less Than Zero and The Lost Boys.

Gertz in Seinfeld, The Stall (1992)

Less Than Zero (1987)

Less Than Zero (1987)
Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis
Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, Robert Downey, Jr. & James Spader

Although my favorite Gertz film was The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero also holds a special place. Although many critics were not kind, there was something about the characters struggles and especially the performance by Robert Downey Jr. that drew me in.

Jami Gertz: Her Many Movie Men

Jami Gertz has co-starred with some of Hollywood's hottest actors, some of them, more than once. Although I think my favorite is Jason Patric (above in Solarbabies, here is a trip down a movie memory lane of the many men who have co-starred alongside actress Jami Gertz!

Dylan McDermott
Jersey Girl (1992)

McDermott in American Horror Story

Kevin Bacon
Quicksilver (1986)

Bacon in Wild Things

Lou Diamond Philips
Renegades (1989)

Diamond Phillips in El Cortez

Jason Patric
Soloarbabies (1986) The Lost Boys (1987)

Patric in After Dark My Sweet

Bill Paxton
Twister (1996)

Paxton in Wierd Science

Paxton in Boxing Helena

James Spader
Endless Love (1981) Less Than Zero (1987)
Below: Spader in Speaking Of Sex

White Palace