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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 30th

Since a theme of the day seems to be the work of photographer and artist Hans W Fahrmeyer, I had to add this pic of Empire Model Santiago Peralta who I have profiled before on the blog.

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Favorites Of Favorites: Nick Adams

Next up in my Favorites of Favorites is Broadway Sensation Nick Adams. I first became aware of Nick several years ago when watching Nick perform 'Pan' at 2007's Broadway Bares (Search the site if you have not seen the video, it is hilarious and incredibly hot). Since then I have followed his time in 'A Chorus Line', 'Guys and Dolls' Tabloid attention for his abathon with Mario Lopez, all the performances, ads and modeling in between.

If you read this blog much you will know that I love showcasing the work of stage actors. Like many, I once had the dream of hitting the big time on the Broadway stage. Like many, I had to let that dream fade in exchange for making a living (Although I played a mean King Lear and a wicked Riff to name a few).

I have been to New York several times and when there, besides soaking up the culture, I always hit as many shows as I can afford. Stage actors never get the attention they deserve. It is a difficult life working on stage, especially in New York. Heartaches, long hours, hard work, working your body to exhaustion, lean times financially, stress between jobs and all that....if you actually have a degree of success! I love to give a little attention to those dancing, singing and emoting over the orchestra pit. Nick is one of my favorites. Talented, hard working, hot as hell and incredibly giving.

Name: Nick Adams
Occupation: Actor, Singer, model
Most Recently Seen: On Stage in 'Guys & Dolls'.
Can Be Seen Next: Broadway at Birdland (August 17th)
Official Site: Nick
Blog: Nick Adams Blog

1. Favorite Site you check out daily on the net?

2. Favorite Meal?

Steak and potatos

3. Favorite TV Show?

American Idol

4. Favorite TV show guilty pleasure?

Real housewives of New Jersey

5. First celebrity Crush?

James Franco

6. Celebrity you would go on a date with if you could?

Ryan Reynolds

7. Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day?


8. Favorite Part of your job?

The rush I get from being onstage.

9. Favorite Project you have been a part of?

Performing on the Tony Awards was magical but A Chorus Line will always mean so much to me.

10. Favorite Body Part (yours or on another):

Men's thighs drive me crazy. I like my nose because it's unique.

11. Favorite Piece of Clothing you own?

A pair of worn out Diesel jeans from about 8 years ago.

12. Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star

James Taylor and Carly Simon were always playing around my house, but when I rocked out in my room it was to Bryan Adams!

Thanks Nick!

All Photos of Nick from Hans W Fahrmeyer. Check out more of Hans work below.

Photographer of The Day: Hans W Fahrmeyer

When I was preparing my post above on Nick Adams it became clear some of the hottest pics of Nick out there were by New York based Photographer Hans W Fahrmeyer. I also realized that although I have posted many of my favorite shots from Hans in the past, I had not taken the time to post specifically about this talented and complicated artist.

Many of you know Hans work, besides his books you can often seen Hans work in Advertising, Editorials and he has been featured in many magazines including including Time Magazine, Newsweek, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Burda, Madame, Connaisseur, Opera Monthly, Men’s Workout, Insider, Camera & Darkroom, Shing (Japan). Of course many of us know Hans for shooting the cover for iconic book 'Boy Culture'. Hans has also done some amazing work recently shooting the men from Empire Models.

Hans was born in Hamburg, Germany and immigrated to the U.S. in 1979, and established a studio in the West Village. I have heard a few stories about Hans studio which has been described as pretty minimalist with only what Hans needs for his work and very little more. Hans lives and breathes his work and not only has produced some amazing shots of models but to me some of his hottest shots are his work photographing Gay New York nightlife. His shots of Gay Clubs are not only incredibly hot, but also, to me, express both extreme sexuality in combination with extreme isolation, and maybe even loneliness. Both of these come through colorful images of men showcased in alive party type atmospheres. I love them! There is something about the theme of being alone in a crowd I find fascinating.

First three shots above of Miles Miller.

Besides Empire's Miles Miller (above) many of you know that Hans has worked many times with one of my favorites (and I Know yours) Philip Fusco. Hans's work with Philip showcases both raw sex appeal mixed with sweet venerability.

Below: Some of my favorite shots by Hans of Philip Fusco.

Nick Adams says Hans is a master of light and says his shoot with Hans was one of his favorites. Others have described an oddness with Hans, but a sweet oddness that exudes both complexity and brilliance. A man of few words. Hans insists on perfection and this is evident in the work he allows us to see. His technical approach to shooting, devoid of flash and concept, instead focusing the lens on the subject in front of him. His Len's is sharper than many and often seems to weed the weak from the strong.

Since 1989, he has been staff photographer for the Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico.
Inspired by Mapplethorpe, Horst and Ritts, Fahrmeyer’s technique manifests [celebrate] the human body as sculpture in a sensuous interplay of light and shadow. If you frequent NY night life, you just might run into Hans. If you do, and he see's something special about you, he just might slip you his card. You don't have to be Philip Fusco, Miles Miller or Nick Adams to get the Fahrmeyer touch, he just has to see something special in you.

Hans to me has all the qualities of a true artist, both tormented and crazy talented. Maybe the oddness some describe is not really so odd. Maybe Hans was born in the wrong era. Hans expresses the qualities of many artists of the past, qualities we seem to have beaten out of many of artists due to their need to make money and promote themselves so that the public will adore them. All we really need to adore is an artist's work and in this case I most certainly do.

Check out Hans official site HERE: Also check out Amazon for some of Hans books and products including 'Between Men and Women' 'Between Men' and 'Colours of Men'.

Some info From Hans official site.

Just Because: Felipe Von Borstel

You all know I don't like to post pictures without sharing a bit about the model and artist's behind them so I had to share a little more of model Felipe Von Borstel whom was included yesterday in the series of shots of Leo D for Butch by Dean Isidro. Felipe has such a beautiful warm face and those killer abs! You can check out more of Felipe's book at 10 Model Management HERE:

Height: 6'1
Chest: 38
Shoe: 10
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Brown

4 more shots from the Butch 2007 collection I posted about yesterday.
Photography by Dean Isidro

Last three shots from the great site Made In Brazil.
Photographer: Lope Navo

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th

Above: Leo D by Rick Day.

It's D day here at Favorite Hunks and by D day I mean Leo D. Now Leo is a bit of a mystery as in all my research I have yet track down his last name. I do know although he is one of the hottest guys working today, there is very little out there about him. After the Birthday's are a series of posts featuring Leo who is represented by Front Model Management. If anyone knows a last name be sure to shoot me a line!