Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 18th

Favorite Birthday Boy for June 18th Eddie Cibrian

The tasty Eddie Cibrian turns 35 today. (See previous post on Eddie). When is Eddie going to get a lead in a hit show???

Also celebrating today June 18th

Happy Birthday today also to:

The hot as hell Italian footballer, Marco Borriello turns 26 today.

Actor Kevin Bishop turns 28 today.

Skater Kurt Browning turns 42 today.

Always had a crust on the beautiful Isabella Rossellini who turns 56 today.

One of the best actress's to grace prime time television in the 80's who never got the credit she deserves, Constance McCashin turns 61 today.

I so miss Roger Ebert doing the reviews, has not been the same, I hope he is doing well on his birthday today. Roger turns 66 today.

Favorite Male Model for June 18th Levy Christiano

Whats not to love about Levy Christiano, that dark thick hair, that amazing bod and that million dollar smile!

Levy Christiano From Terra

From Terra's The Boy.

Despite all the hot shots above, I love the shots wearing glasses the most.