Saturday, November 19, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

Another shot of Keith by Carl Proctor

Happy Birthday today November 19th

Flavio and Gustavo Mendonça turn 33 today.

See more of Flavio and Gustavo HERE: and more of todays birthday's HERE:

Kudos to Rosie

I am trying to like the new Rosie show. Rosie O'Donnell is one those celebrities who often bugs the shit out of me. Loud and abrasive, I often disagree with much of what she says. But I cannot help but respecting her, as much for her struggles as her accomplishments. She is a beautifully flawed woman but her desire to spotlight and support those most ignore is something I appreciate.

I give Rosie kudos for her spotlight this week on the occupy Wall street protesters. To be honest I somehow tuned out this story, not really paying much attention to the people involved and specific reasons for the protests. I had a vague idea and am a bit ashamed I found them a bit annoying. Rosie however did something I have not really seen, or maybe did not paid attention to, in other newscasts and television shows. Rosie made me care. She put a face, many of them, on the protesters and not the overall reason we all should be angry, but the individual reasons people have had enough.

DuncanL: Leaving Fashion At The Door

Above: Image from Simon Le

DuncanL does enjoy fashion shoots, he's tall, slim and his body looks great in clothes. What drew me to Duncan's portfolio however, what not what he was wearing, nor was it that in many of his shots he is wearing nothing at all. What drew me to Duncan's images was the creativity and beauty within the work.

Below: DuncanL by Philippe at IT

Being a freelance model, Duncan is looking for photographers who don't just shoot him naked, but bring something new and artistic, something 'outside the box' to the creative process. The Australian model has focused primarily on his artist portfolio, working on bodyscapes, concept and erotic themes. My favorite images usually stem from conceptual shoots. When the primary focus is not fashion or product but instead, feel and message,, artistry tends to flow much deeper.

Two shots below by D-Eye

Check out much more of Duncan's work on his website HERE:

Below: DuncanL by Roberto G.Duran

Next two shots from Terry Ross

Three remaining shots by Tee_Guy