Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 1st

Tristan by Steve Jerome

Happy Birthday today December 1st

Happy 54th to actor Nestor Carbonell!

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Nester by J. Hornstein

Resurrection Blvd. (2000)

Thanks to xyzpdq for the video


End of the Seasonal Sightings

The Backend... in the late Autumn... 

Yes, there's still a few weeks left of Autumn, but December marks a change.  Where I live, the leaves have all fallen, most have been raked, or swept away by the wind.  We've had our first snowfall, light, yet notable. Impactful enough to haul out the winter gloves as I scrapped off my windshield for the first of many cold mornings to come.

As always, as the seasons change, I clear out my folder of the departing seasons, and start filling it with the incoming.  So for now, it's good-bye to auburn, orange and gold, hello to leafless tree's and a sea of snow white.

Jake Foulger: Sexually Comfortable

'I ain't bisexual, I'm straight, I'm just sexually comfortable.'

It must be a chore being an editor of a Bravo show.  Hours of footage of naked men to go through.  Penis's to blur, not to mention those butt cheeks that open just a week too much...

Above, Fraser's no fool.  I'd be taking video of Jake's beautiful ass too.  Jake didn't seem to mind.