Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

Love the glasses!

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 4th Jeff Bridges

One of Hollywood's hottest and most talented actor, Jeff Bridges turns 59 today.

Jeff in 'The Door In The Floor' (2004).

Jeff in 'Winter Kills' (1979).

Terra's New Guy: Bernardo Velasco

Terra's new 'The Boy' 22 year old Bernardo Velasco is one of my favorite guys Terra has presented in awhile, and a nice way for Terra to end 2008 with.

Favorite New Model Of The Day: Nick Wolanski

I was instantly attracted to the distinct beauty of new model Nick Wolanski when I saw him on one of my favorite blogs, ZakImages.

Nick is 21 and from Scotland, who is now in the US to pursue his modeling. Nick is passionate about writing and reading, and finds literature on philosophy fascinating. Music is his greatest passion. Nick often travels the world to listen to my favorite artists.