Sunday, March 1, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 1st

Stunning shot of Red Model's Wendell Lissimore by Troy Phillips for DNA.

Favorite Birthday Boys for March 1st

Favorite Birthday Boys for March 1st

I just love actor John Bregar's look. This talented Canadian cutie turns 24 today.

Javier Bardem turns 40 today.

Also Celebrating today March 1st

Some of the guys below are some of my all time favorites, but most have had previous posts so search the blog if your looking for more! Happy Birthday today March 1st to:

Adorable Adam LaVorgna turns 28 today.

One of my all time favorites, Jensen Ackles turns 31 today.

Mark Paul Gosselaar turns 35 today.

George Eads turns 42 today.

Love love Tim Daly who turns 53 today.

Dirk Benedict turns 64 today.

Robert Conrad turns 74 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy for February 29th Antonio Sabato Jr

Even though it is not leap year, can't forget Antonio Sabato Jr who was born on February 29th 37 years ago.

Brandon Ruckdashel in 'The Lair'

Ok, so 'The Lair' is not exactly Shakespeare. There are however vampires, killer animals and plants, cute guys, many who have nude scenes, and of course one of my favorite actors Brandon Ruckdashel. I would not have checked out 'The Lair' if not for Brandon and with season 2 just out on DVD this week thought I would give it a plug. Brandon was in only a few episodes of season 2 and I do wish his character certainly would have been utilized more. That aside, 'The Lair' certainly was enjoyable 'popcorn' tv which you should check out.

As always, be sure to visit Brandon's great website HERE:

Season 2, Episode #1

Season 2, Episode #9