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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 14th

Image by Photografia Artigiano
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Happy Birthday today August 14th

I have loved actor Christopher Gorman (shown here in Covert Affairs) since his days on Popular. Christopher turns 38 today.

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And On This Farm There Was A....

Given how the producers of The Glee Project have been gushing over Blake all summer (and you can't really blame them) it was no surprise a second video requiring Michael and Blake to be shirtless was on tap. I love me some Blake, and Michael too, but me thinks this season has to belong to Ali.

Last three images via Scenes From Male Skin

Favorite Lesson Learned from The Olympics:

With the Olympics now behind us, what lessons can we take. This was certainly a hunk filled games with so many athletes seemingly enjoying getting attention for both their athleticism and their sex appeal. One lesson one of the games hottest hunks needs to keep in mind. As he mulls over possible offers from the Bachelor to Dancing With The Stars, I'd advice Lochte (below) to consider those who went before him.

Olympic medals...

and reality television...

Don't always mix so well... take heed Ryan, take heed, this could be your future!

Artisan: Photografia Artigiano


When viewing portfolio's of artists who shoot the male form, it is not uncommon to find professional names used such as Manshots, Bodysculp, Malehunt, blueboys or similar titles which clearly indicate to the viewer exactly what the subject matter within their work covers, or more succinctly uncovers. I have learned that professional names may connect little to the quality of work seen, but more often than not they are an indication of something. They often represent a theme, a belief which guides an artist within their work.


When you hear, or read, the name Photografia Artigiano, like me, you may have assumed there is something bigger, something different within the images your about to experience. In Italian, Artigiano means craftsmen, artisan, someone skilled within the arts. Although Greg, the artist behind Photografia Artigiano speaks no Italian, he is a third generation Italian-American who has spent most of his adult life studying art, art history, art techniques and art appreciation.

Next two images of Julian with digital manipulation by jimm150

'I think that Jim Ferringer is a true artist who does incredible work. And, I am very lucky to be associated with him. What I do is give him a photo which I have taken and he digitally manipulates it and enhances it. I think what results is sheer genius and works of art.'
Greg from Photografia Artigiano

In the last issue of tMf I was fortunate to be able to profile artist James Ferringer. Ferringer says that to him, the art of manipulated photographs is the ability to see and paint with light and combined images. His use of light within his images create an erotically charged state, both confusing and beautifully enthralling. It as if caught within a dream.

Until recently, Greg channelled his passion for art through painting. You can clearly see the influences, themes and techniques he has brought to his work as a photographer, especially within the images worked on by Jim Ferringer. Themes within painting are often bigger, more Epic. Scale in not about the limitations of a camera lens, only the limitations of imagination. Themes such as good vs evil, religion and mythology become so much easier to weave within an image than when working with a model and a camera.


'I am interested in applying classical forms, poses and motifs to modern photography.'


A prize-winning photographer, Greg specialize in landscape still-life, and abstract images. Recently, the artist gave up his work as a painter with the development of physical handicap. With physical limitations making it more difficult to work out doors, Greg became interested in working with live models in studio. Although his mobility may be effected, Greg says his disability does not affect his work, simply limits certain locations especially with landscapes.


It has been my experience that limitations in one area often leads to exceptionalism in another. Greg's eye, combined with his extraordinary, yet seemly small touches, in model posing, arm position and framing have created some incredible imagery.

Zac with digital manipulation by jimm150

Photografia Artigiano on ModelMayhem