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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 30th

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Happy Halloween Eve!

Back to the Boneyard: Mark by Dale Pierce Photography

'This location was perfect for Mark. The classic architecture was a perfect match for this classically handsome man.'

Two years ago, the image that inspired me to contact Syracuse photographer Dale Pierce was of a nude male model in a cemetery. The model was flanero and the FH post was Consumed back in October 2014. I have always loved how art, especially images of a living male model, brings life back into locations often long abandoned and forgotten. I can't think of any location more suited to a burst of energy, light and life than a cemetery.

When I was looking for Halloween themed imagery this year, I again came upon Dale's mages of the male form posing along side the cement scultputres, tomb stones and mausoleums within a final resting place for so many souls. The model this time was Mark, a personal trainer who's incredible physique, as Dale has stated, perfectly balances the curves, lines and structures that surround him. Mark's body is visually a well carved sculpture, and I can't think of a better location to spotlight his many assets.

'This is my fourth photo shoot with Mark. He is so easy to work with. Intelligent, Handsome, instinctive. This location has been a favorite of mine for many years.The challenge was finding new locations for this photo shoot. Mark and i have developed a trust, so important in a collaboration. If he believes in you,and your ideas he will always do his best for the photographer. I feel very fortunate to be working with him. His modeling career has really expanded and the camera loves him.'

'As an adult, I grew to love the quiet cemeteries provided, and the two near my home became favorite destinations for myself and my dogs. With each walk though, there was always another grave to read, another fact to learn, another family to wonder about. I remember my mother once saying it was disrespectful to walk my dogs in a cemetery. I never responded to her. I just know that if I was spending my eternity somewhere, I would welcome visits from anyone, or anything, especially a dog.'

The quote above was a section of the text the first time I featured Dale's cemetery captures. This series of images has me longing to return to the two cemetery's near my home, something I haven't done since my last dog died shortly after I published the first piece. I have avoided most of the paths, locations and lake side trails that I used to so frequently enjoy spending time on during those long walks with my dogs, and my thoughts. Dale's images having me wanting to return to the cemetery, not because of the death, but because of how much life and love I once found there.

Spine Tingling Seasonals: Fallen Angels by takeapic4u


'For if God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell, delivering them in chains to be held in gloomy darkness until their judgment'
2 Peter 2:4

I have written before about my fascination with flying and wings. Many dream of flying through the air with the speed of light, but when I think of flying, it is not as a superhero or with a cape, but with large, graceful billowing wings.

Although known more for writing about detectives and criminals, my favorite James Patterson story is his 1998 novel, When The Wind Blows. The story introduces us to Max, and 11 year old girl with a wingspan of close to 9 feet. The page turner introduces us to Max's brother and a tribe of winged children living, hiding and running from danger up in the tree's deep in the Forrest.


Historically, most humans depicted with feathered appendages, in art, and in novels like When The Wind Blows, had wings of white, symbolizing angels, goodness and of course heaven. There is another kind of angel though, one who rebelled against God, and they, along with archangel Lucifer, were banished from heaven with the promise of future judgement upon all of the fallen angels.


FH started the summer by featuring the work of Dave Larson (takeapic4u) and the Iowa's photographer's ultra hot images of Kent Clark. (Deconstructing the Cowboy) While working on a follow-up to that piece, I noticed new additions to Dave port in the form of fallen angels Caleb, Jason, Ace and Onze. I loved how Dave captured his winged creatures alone in the fields and forest, resting and enjoying the quiet of the woods until taking to the sky once again.


Angels, whether blessed or fallen are all messengers. Although angels are busy all year long, fallen angels are especially busy the month before October 31st. If you listen closely, and look carefully, you may see and hear a fallen angel of your own. Consider yourself warned however... Their long, lean and beautiful naked bodies, not to mention the majesty of their silky black wings will certainly draw you in. But it's when they're beside you that you won't be able to escape the message of terror their hand delivering especially for you.

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Horror Hunks: Thomas Blake Jr. in Cabin Fever 2

A high school prom faces a deadly threat: a flesh-eating virus that spreads via a popular brand of bottled water.

If we didn't already know from previous horror flicks (Prom Night, Carrie) prom nights in movies rarely end well. During 2009's Cabin Fever 2, Spring Fever, you need to avoid the prom, the water, and especially the fruit punch....

Rick (Thomas Blake Jr) didn't heed the warnings of previous horror hunk outing, and not only attends the prom, but also plays a prank. This one, on the sweet Frederica, also includes a late night skinny dip in the schools pool, all elements for disaster. Rick soon finds himself over his head, not only with Frederica's affections, but his own struggle to make the right choice.

Rick ends up doing the right thing, but that choice doesn't end up paying off for the high school stud. Thomas Blake Jr. appears to bare all in the skinning dipping scene, but unfortunately is shot from such a distance, the goods are intentionally hard to see. The films director thankfully gave us a better rear shot when Rick exits Frederica, and the pool.