Sunday, November 1, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 1st

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Happy Birthday today November 1st

Happy 34th to actor Penn Badgley!

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Naked News...Ouch!

Naked man tasered in the penis after running at police officer...

Don’t do battle against the law, you will not win.,,, Especially if you’re naked and they are armed with a stun gun.

That’s what happened to this guy after he ran at a police officer as he was getting out of his car and ended up with several thousand volts running through his penis. Naturally, he was taken down by the electricity pulsing through his member before being arrested and taken to a local cop shop, apparently in east Austin, Texas.

Instagrams that Inspire: Niko Wirachman

Next two shots by Paul DeDona

Niko by Studio9NYC

Niko by Iamsquared

Niko by Omer Gaash

The Unmaking of a Murderer Luke by Studio1x

'I just had to kill a lot of people....'
Patrick Bateman

Murder can be physically draining.  Your heart is pounding and the rush of adrenalin.  When the deed is finally done, and your victim takes their last breath... two things need to happen.  You need to pull yourself together, relax, then clean everything up and get rid of the evidence. 

FH readers are used to me talking about story.   I try when I can not just to tell a story, but to tell the complete story.  I know that sometime, viewers are content with just looking at the cover, but for me, the cover is just the beginning of the story.  I want to know everything, from how it began, to the author's notes and epilogue at the end.

FH viewers enjoyed the cover, prologue and main chapters of Jim from Studio1x's American Psycho shoot with model Luke London last week. (No Introduction Necessary:)  These images, are the epilogue, the hour or so after the shoot (the story) is finished.  As you can see, the first think Luke does when it's over is to sit and chill.  I thought he might be relaxing with a steaming cup of tea.  I was wrong...

'The cup, was actually empty.  Luke vaped and blew it into the cup so it would drift out looking like steam.'

Or course after a few minutes of sitting down and relaxing, it was time for Luke to wash off all that blood, as well as washing the spirit of Patrick Bateman down the drain.  While Luke was sitting and vaping, Jim had already put away most of his camera equipment.  In order to fully finish out the shoot's story however, he used his cell phone to capture a few clips of Luke scrubbing off the last bits of blood and evidence.