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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 4th

Unmasked by Naked Ambition
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Favorite Click of the Day: Gaspard Ulliel in Les confins du monde

I've loved French actor Gaspard Ulliel since first seeing him in Hannibal Rising in 2007. I love Gaspard's choice of roles and his ability to believably go from a young Hannibal Lecter to Yves Saint Laurent without missing a beat.

Gaspard had a brief frontal in 2014's Saint Laurent, but that's nothing compared to his current nude scene in last years war drama Les confins du monde. (To the Ends of the World) Les confins du monde came out digitally and on DVD this week and Xander7 has some incredible caps. Some of you may remember Xander7's old site, but if you haven't been to his new site, opened last month, check it out HERE:

R.I.P Gaspard, January 2022

Gif via intello78

Gaspard Ulliel and Guillaume Gouix in Les confins du monde

Blast From The Past: Brian Robbins

I think I was still in elementary school with Head of the Class was on the air. I don't remember watching it regularly, but do remember having a crush on actor Tony O'Dell. (Who I featured HERE:) As I didn't watch much, I missed out on the obvious appeal of actor Brian Robbins who sashayed through the high school hallways in his big coats and tight jeans.

Recently, I caught a few minutes of Robbin on an old episode of The Facts of Life. I only caught a few minutes, but was immediately drawn to Robbins and his adorable face and chin. I can't believe I didn't know the career trajectory Robbins has been on since he stopped acting in the 90's.

I especially couldn't believe I didn't notice he directed Varsity Blues, a film I loved for both story, and male nudity quota (Scott Caan, Paul Walker). (see a few caps HERE:) I've seen Varsity Blues a couple of times and am not sure how I didn't connect Robbins name in the credits.

Robbins & Tony O'Dell

As it turns out, directing was a just a stop on the way of Robbins' journey. Although he also directed; The Shaggy Dog, Norbit, Ready to Rumble and episodes of PopularBirds of Prey and Blue Mountain State, in 2017, Robbins became the president of Paramount Players, a newly formed division of Paramount Pictures.

Robbins & Howard Hessman

That job however was just an appetiser before his current position as President of Nickelodeon, a position he took on last Autumn. Nickelodeon seems a good fit for Robbins who along with producing both Smallville and One Tree Hill for a time, not to mention AwesomenessTV, a YouTube channel aimed at teenagers he co-founded in 2012.

Robbins & Dan Schneider

Sadly, I don't have any nude scenes to share, but Brian did appear shirtless and wet on the final season of ABC's Battle of the Network Stars.  Check out some shots from the episode on PAGE 2 HERE:

A couple of more recent shots

Naked Ambition: The Lion, The Mouse & No Wardrobe

'He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.'
C.S. Lewis

Many of you may remember Naked Ambition's George, and his masked mammals from two pieces last Halloween. One with a scary Halloween mask, (HERE:) and one with a fetching and svelte hippopotamus. (HERE:)  The artist behind the camera models himself, (HERE:) and understands how the mask can not only tap into the animal instincts in some of his subjects, it can also provide a layer of camouflage and protection for models seeking not to get caught.

Unless it's for Halloween, I'm usually am not a huge fan of masks in imagery.  I think especially, if the focus of the image is the nude male form.  I like to view people in their entirety, and this desire has led to one of my goals with FH, which is that I strive to have the men that I feature viewed as full human beings, and not just a compilation of their body parts.

I also like to find out a little bit about about the models I feature, and most masked models, understandably, wish to keep their identity a mystery.  For me, the male body is a work of art on it's own, but FH is also about story, and although masks don't preclude their being a story, it's often one more difficult to tell.

One of the main reasons is that so much of a person's personality is seen in their face, especially their eyes.  So often when I'm featuring a model or image, a models smile or their facial expression can provoke the direction of the story.  A model's eyes in particular, sometimes with a twinkle, sometimes showing reservation, or nerves, are also responsible for so many of the stories I've told.

Despite my usual reservations, I love Naked Ambition's masked images.  Admittedly, in part I know it's due to the incredible bodies involved.  More importantly though, Georges's images never lack either personality, or story.  I in a large part of this is both the poses George captures, and the fact that the masks are of animals.

It is my personal theory, the the way in which many o us think about, and relate to animals as adults, is based on how we're introduced to them as children.  So many people who say they 'hate' cats, or any other animal, can frequently connect to an early negative experience with the animal.

Growing up, like so many kids born in the 70's and 80's, most of first connections with animals come from Disney.  Dumbo the Elephant, Simba in The Lion King,  and the many dogs, cats and rodents, Micky included, who formed my love and admiration for animals.  Disney also gives all of their animal characters human voices, human traits and most importantly human emotions.

Although I am keenly aware of how violent a hippo can be, when I see George's shots of Jeremiah the hippo in the shower, my mind flashes not to hippo's murdering clothes washing women along the river banks, it flashes to the tutu wearing Hyacinth from Fantasia.

I love that George keeps his menagerie moving, photographing his hippo's, lions and mice moving throughout the house, bathing, showering, reading, or just lounging around and soaking up the mid-afternoon sun.  All the while of course, remaining the sensually sexicited animals that they instinctively are.

Below: One of George's  unmasked, but still mysterious mammal models 

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 3rd

Bathing Hippo by Naked Ambition
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Happy Birthday today April 3rd

Happy 61st to actor Alec Baldwin!

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I don't think I even knew who Alec Baldwin was when I saw the top photo in US Magazine when I was a kid.  I didn't watch Knots Landing, but his beautiful eyes, and that slight hint of butt had an impact.  Although I'm getting a little tired of Baldwin and his Trump impression, but that shot was memorable.

Pre-Seasonal Sightings

No, it's not summer, it's barely spring. There is still snow in my backyard, but.... shots of Zander Hodgson at the beach certainly have me salivating for the scents of summer.

Brian Robbins in Battle of the Network Stars (1988)

Brian Robbins appeared on the last official (before the lame reboot last year) of ABC's Battle of the Network Stars in 1988. The celebrities were a mix of the old guard regulars (Greg Evigan, Charlene Tilton, John Davidson) with actors new to the late 80's celebrity scene. (Robbins, Dawn Lewis, Rob Stone) 

Although some of the older celebrities like Jack Scalia and Lorenzo Lamas (who had previously appeared on the show) still wore speedos, Robbins went for the longer, Jammer style swim wear.  He still looked mighty fine.

Brian with Rob Stone (Mr Belvedere

Highlights: Honcho, April 1978

Vol 1 No 1
April 1978

Some highlights, including some retro ads from the premiere issue of Honcho Magazine

Cover Story: Bill Nuckells by Roy Dean

The Equus Complex, photography by Don Hanover