Monday, June 29, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 30th

Ethan by Immortal Form
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New Brunswicker

Canadian Coiffure

I know not everyone loves Justin Trudeau, but I truly appreciate so much about him.  His recent post about Pride, his taking a knee during a recent protest, his emotional apologies to LGBT Canadians and survivors of Residential Schools.  There's a lot to appreciate, but we can't forget about...his hair.

Yes, I know he delivered daily briefings during the pandemic, reassuring Canadians with words,not to mention fast and continued cash.  I think in addition to the reassurance however, most tuned in to check out his hair.  It got longer as the pandemic went on, requiring more hair flips, especially when the flurries swirled around him.

Compared the dangerous, intellectually stunted buffoon in The White House, and even with Trudeau's past mistakes, and there were many, Trudeau deserves respect. The brown on top, and touch of grey in his beard, beats loud bright orange any time.  With all that's going on in the world right now, I appreciate his being caring, articulate and most of all, sane.

Got Stick? Ethan by Immortal Form

'As a kid who played hockey, locker rooms were both an exciting and a dangerous place.' 
Tye Briggs 

I wrote about my experience in hockey locker rooms a couple of years ago in a Canada Day themed piece about hockey. ((With Glowing Hearts, We See Thee Rise)  I have vivid memories of the sights and the smells, but given I was still deep in the closet, I spent most of my time, trying not to be noticed looking around....  I certainly caught glimpses of my fellow team mates in their jock straps, and in less, but they were usually quick flashes as I kept my eyes and head constantly in motion. 

Looking back, I really wish I'd been more relaxed, you miss a lot when you're constantly ducking and weaving.  It's fascinating to me however, that all those private peeks probably played a large part in why I began, and continue with the site.  FH provides a long, leisurely look at work of artists we admire, and the men we love, lust over and appreciate.  There's never any hurry to turn away,  nor ever any risk or judgement.

Today, we're heading into the locker room to enjoy Dave's (Immortal Form) work with Ethan.  I try when possible to feature Canadian photographers on July 1st, and FH may remember the Ottawa based photographer's work with Matt last Canada Day. (Cling Wrap)  Dave's work with Ethan was perfect for the day, and his story about the shoot, only enhanced my enjoyment.  Although I may have been a bit nervous being caught looking at hot hockey players in their jock straps, Ethan was a little nervous about sliding his underwear off...

There were no nerves on Ethan's first shoot with Dave.  It was back in 2015, and the focus of their work together was headshots and some fashion work.  Ethan was in a job he wasn't really enjoying, and wanted to see if modeling might be a possibility.  Dave certainly thought he had the looks, and a slim, built physique due to all the sports he played.

The first shoot took place outside, and the parking garage location, was great for light and creating many great, and gritty shots.  Ethan was really happy with the photos, and set up a modeling account.  Before he was able to connect with other photographers however, he got another job, and had to head up North for work as a fire ranger and first responder.  Dave continued to talk with Ethan on and off and Dave eventually brought up the idea of a nude shoot.  Ethan was up for it, but Dave could tell he was a little nervous.  Given Ethan's love of the game, Dave suggested a hockey themed shoot. Ethan loved the idea, and liked the idea of starting the shoot in his uniform before removing it for the nude part of the shoot.

'The day of the shoot was a Saturday and we started with portraits and some fashion shots to help him relax and get into the modeling "groove". Normally Ethan's hair is much shorter but he came back from up north with the big hair style you see.  I think Ethan had gotten one shoot in with a friend of mine before going north so he was still fairly new to modeling.'

'Ethan then put on the hockey equipment, including a t-shirt and underwear. I had him pose in various looks and holding the stick in some positions with interesting angles. He was more relaxed so I asked him to remove the shirt. We did some more portraits then I had him start to do some slapshots. I figured if he was doing something he was very familiar with it would help him relax more. Motions like that can be very meditative, especially ones you've been practicing thousands of times since childhood. '

'This was Ethan's first nude shoot and only the third time he'd posed, so I wanted the transition to nudity to be as easy on him as possible. I wish I'd had a faster exposure (and flashes) so I could have captured the motion without blur. Ethan is FAST! Lol! We were about halfway through our time by this point and I realized I had to move things forward or we wouldn't get to the shots I wanted, so I said we were halfway through our time and we needed to start shooting the nudes. I asked Ethan if he was ok with removing the underwear...

Ethan still seemed  a little nervous because I remember as he walked off set to strip he asked something like "do we have to do it nude?" I replied, we do if we want to get the shots we planned for and want. With his back to me, Ethan awkwardly tried to remove his underwear while wearing his hockey gloves. It wasn't easy but he managed it!'

'Ethan's extremely lean with probably only 5 % or less body fat, and he has a swimmer's build. Although Ethan is about average height, that myth about lean men is no myth; Ethan's very gifted. 
We started shooting with more slapshots, only nude this time. He was initially awkward I think, but got into the groove quickly. We did a few figure shots with the hockey equipment and he was really enjoying the shoot so I asked Ethan to take it all off.

Once he was completely nude we did a series of basic figure shots where the focus was more on posing his body and not having to give an expression. This is where I can see Ethan relaxed; ironically he was much more comfortable being entirely nude than he was with wearing part of his hockey uniform and posing with the stick trying to give expressions. We did quite a few shots and several of them are among my favorite photos.' 

Immortal Form on ModelMayhem

Gregg Steele: Great Canadian Centerfold Search, January 1995

Gregg Jax Sttele
Playgirl Magazine: January 1995
Great Canadian Centerfold Search
Photography: Natalia Kyivska

'When I was younger, I was really into karate films-Bruce Lee, kickboxing, anything with a Ninja in it. My friends starting calling me 'Action Jackson,.' Somewhere along the way it just got shortened to Jax, and since I've played a lot of sports, hockey, which I still coach, and baseball-the nickname just stuck.'

'For this son of Vancouver, British Columbia, there aren't enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe the area where he grew up, but the part of Canada dearest to Gregg's hear is his family.'

'Besides working on his highly admirable physique on a daily basis, Gregg is currently studying business administration, with hopes of owning his own company someday.'