Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunter Steel Cherry: No Holding Him Back!

The say everything is bigger in Texas and big certainly describes the impact upon first seeing shots of Austin's Hunter Steel Cherry. When choosing models to profile on FH, I look for that certain something, something that although you may not be able to describe it, is distinctively clear.

There is a obvious strength within Hunter, it is both raw and deep and exudes from his hazel eyes both beautifully and intensely and through his core. A veteran of the Afghanistan war, Hunter, like most who serve, has a plethora of experiences and has had to face more challenges, and fears that most men still in their twenties.

Despite the courage required to face a war, it was a different type of fear Hunter had to overcome to kick start his modeling. Hunter says it was not until earlier this year that he gathered the courage to begin. Picked up by an agency early into his modeling, Hunter has decided to go out on his own, without the limitations of being signed. He is determined and ready to make it big in the modeling world.

Hunter Steel Cherry On ModelMayhem

Four Shots Above from Singularity Phase

Hunter Steel Cherry by Patrick Mark

Someone else who saw that certain something in Hunter was photographer Patrick Mark from Texas Male Photography, who chose Hunter for the cover of the second issue of MANofAUSTIN.

'I enjoy creating images that take you to an intimate place with the model - the attraction that happens when you are near him and simply 'be.'
Patrick Mark

It was not that long ago, in 2006, when Mark picked up a small digital camera and kicked off a hobby that has since become a passion and career. Patrick currently has an impressive portfolio filled with photo layouts for private clients, Texas clothing stores and statewide club magazines. Patrick's work was also featured in 2010's Boyfriend of The Month Calendar. Patrick was chosen by 10Percent, the country’s largest producer of alternative print products to shoot the project.

Currently the focus of much of Patrick's time is working as editor and feature photographer for Man of Austin. The quarterly ezine highlights both the men Patrick photographs and as well provides an opportunity for the work of Texas-based male models and photographers to gain greater exposure.

When you live in Austin, you constantly see beautiful men walking throughout the city. I wanted to capture that experience in a shoot and I thought Hunter was the perfect guy for this layout. We met at one end of South Congress - one of the most colorful and well-known neighborhood in the city. I simply asked him to wander, look around and I started shooting but that was just part of it.

Here in Texas we are living in one of the worst droughts in history. This summer was filled with day after day of heat in the 100s - so the heat had to play a part in this shoot. I wanted to show what a hot guy on the street was willing to do on really hot day. As we walked down the street, I had Hunter take his shirt off - the sweat beading on his body was all real - no water bottle needed today! Needless to say quite a few heads turned but the fun was just beginning. Once we stopped in front of the iconic Austin Motel sign, the hotel's clerk did come out to see what we were up to but she never said anything - maybe she just wanted to watch, lol.

We had parked on the roof of a 4-story garage off the strip where I had Hunter change into a pair of swimming trunks. As soon as he slipped them on, he spontaneously ran for a concrete column at the edge of the roof and hopped on top for what would become the cover shot. It was his idea entirely - I leaned over the railing to get his feet dangling over the side of the building.

Reactions to the shots has been extremely positive and for many, the shots at the car wash are favorites.

'Because Hunter had just signed with an agency he could no longer do nude shoots so I had to come up with a way to play off his sex appeal without stripping him down - entirely. That's where the car wash came in. I parked my car in a small do-it-yourself car wash but turned the car to help block what we were doing.'

'A few minutes after we started shooting, the car wash attendant - an older man in a uniform - came out - Here I am with a near-naked 6 foot guy with tattoos in tiny black underwear in broad daylight! I though he was going to toss us out but he just asked if we planned to put money in the car wash. I assured him we were definitely going to use the water, showed him our tokens and he kindly left us to shoot. It was great!'

'The light coming into the bay was perfect and played off Hunter's body beautifully - as you can see in the photos. My only regret was not using more of it instead of a reflector I had on one end of the bay (that was held by my real-life partner Don.) Hunter was a dream to work with and don't let the intensity of his look fool you. He loves to laugh and smile - so much so that I had to constantly remind him to not smile. Of course, once we hit the car wash, the smile was gone and it was all sensuality. What showed up in the layout is probably just one-third of what I shot of him. The love shots I selected because of their sense of reality which I always look for in my work.'

Thanks Patrick for sharing your work and the day of shooting with FH! Check out more of Patrick's work with Hunter at MANofAUSTIN

Ode To The Facebook Celebrity...

I joined facebook late, but... over the last year or two have observed the journey of more than a few celebrities on facebook. Now most celebrities are wonderful, appreciative of fan support and know the power of social networking. There are more than a few however, whose journey has gone a little something like this...

Postings of the ego driven celebrity of Facebook: (and many non-celebrities as well who seem to think 'friends' are 'fans'.)

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Ok, I am going to start deleting friends. If you don't know me personally please unfriend me, it will help save me some time!

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Facebook is getting lame, you can find me mostly on twitter!

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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 8th

Diego & Chip by Nicky Reyes
-See More Below-

Check out today's Birthday Boys HERE:

Model Search 2012

Applicants are becoming to roll in!
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Thumbs Down: The Duggar Family

Yes, they seem like good parents, yes unlike many they seem to be able to financially support their children, yes it is their right to have as many as they wish.


Why is it when I see the Duggar's on TV (as they were this morning on The Today Show announcing the upcoming birth of their 20th child) I still get a little sick feeling my stomach.

Not the Octomom by any stretch yet I cannot but think of the millions, yes millions of children in the US, in the world parent less putting their heads on their pillows each night dreaming of a parent/parents to give them love, a home. This world is so overcrowded, why not have 2, 3 even 4 of your own, then if you have more love to give share it with a child desperately in need. No matter how you cut it in 20 years you know the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and above Duggar children are going to be on whatever is the 'Oprah' show of the day talking about they never felt wanted or loved. There is no way with 20 children in the house they can possible all feel special, they have become numbers and number 20 is their way!

Spend 2012 with Jack Mackenroth

Above: Jack by Ray John-Pila

The incredible Jack Mackenroth present his 2012 AUTOGRAPHED, high-quality, 15 month calendar, now available, just in time for the holidays!

Each month a different photographer, include Adam Bouska (NOH8), Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros provide an amazing image of Jack which run through May of 2013!

Below: Jack by Carsten Fleck

100-percent of the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to amfAR, The American Foundation for AIDS Research (www.amfar.org) to help find a cure for AIDS. Mackenroth has been living with the disease for 22 years.

Below: Jack by Richard Gerst

Chemistry: Diego & Chip by Nicky Reyes

I am always on the lookout for great images of couples. I love creative shots of both men with men and men with women. With two men however I am often turned off by the lack of creativity in many of the images I see. It is almost as putting too hot guys in the same shot is enough, why bother finding unique ways to shoot them. There is a distinct difference between sexual and sex, and this difference is one sometimes overlooked.

Given this, it is sort of funny that the couple I chose to feature are Diego Sans and Chip Tanner from Randy Blue. The fact Diego and Chip are porn stars is wonderfully irrelevant to San Francisco based photographer Nicky Reyes. Nicky has shot many of Randy's Blue's hottest men and always shoots them the same way he shoots all of his models. There is a freshness, even an innocence captured through pose and facial expressions, especially Chips addictive grin. Like Steven Underhill, whom he admires, Nicky captures the youth and the innocence of the couple together. The last photo in this series is one of my all time favorite shots, so hot and so fun.

A graduate of the University of the East in Manila, Nicky and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Zoology. His interest in photography started when he worked for one of Manila's leading publishing firms where he had the first hand experience of working with some of the top photographers, models and stylists in the Philippines. In 2005, he took a crash course with the New York Institute of Photography to learn the basics of photography and has been shooting non-stop since!

I know Diego Sans from Randy Blue films and have seen him around Castro (San Francisco) a lot of of times but I have connected with him through Facebook and asked him if he was willing to do a shoot with me. It wasn't too long when he wrote me back and said that he likes my work and he would love to work with me. Before we know it, we were in the studio working and the photos from that solo shoot were amazing.

It was after the shoot when he asked me if I would like to work with another Randy Blue model. So I said yes and then he hooked me up with Chip Tanner to a shoot. At that time I thought it would be awesome if I could do a shoot with both of them. So I asked him to come back and do a couple shoot with Chip. I am glad I did because that was one of the funnest (if there is such a word) I have ever done, The chemistry between the two guys were just amazing. I think it shows in the photos.

The chemistry and fun are clear in each of the shots! Thanks to Nicky Reyes for sharing his work with FH! Please check out more of Nicky's work on ModelMayhem and at his official site HERE: