Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

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Happy Birthday today November 20th

Happy 29th to Jeremy Jordan!

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Sexy.... or Savvy

I love me some Adam Levine, I also used to love the issue featuring People's sexiest Men. Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow won the cover for sexiest woman earlier this year however, People's secret was officially out. Her cover proved it was as much a good agent, a savvy publicist and a celebrity willing to pose for the cover that cemented the final decision more than actual sex appeal itself. First the Easter Bunny, then Santa now this!

Favorite Click of the Day: Extra-Ordinary Men

Pretty damned fine if you ask me!
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One Of Those Guys: Mateo Chulo by Chris Teel

'I remember when I was a young kid, I would see underwear ads, see the guys with their insanely ripped physiques, and think to myself, "I want to look like THAT!" For a long time I thought that I simply admired these Adonis men, but years later would realize that I liked them. And as I grew into myself and my looks, shed the baby fat and stretched out, I suddenly started to think, "I could BE one of those guys. That could be ME!"

When it comes to deciding on a model that I want to feature on FH, there is a comprehensive nexus of methods I use to choose and then connect with the subject I am interested in. Because the blog is themed with 'favorite' the model has to be more than just good looking, there has to be something about him I especially like or connect with.

Many times models are referred by a photographer, other times I see an image I love and decide to seek out the photographer or model myself. Sometimes models contact me directly and occasionally I get an e-mail from a reader suggesting I check out a certain model that they like and admire. My introduction to New York model Mateo Chulo however was both an interesting and unique first.

A registered nurse, Mateo began his career working in one the most fast paced and stressful areas of medicine, the frenzied world of a New York ER. After four years there, he transitioned into doing body work, massage and energetic healing. Practicing nursing still had a pull however, so he made his way back to the field, this time with a focus on administration. Mateo worked for an outpatient physician for the next two years, working his way up to running two of the company's seven sites. As rewarding as that was, Mateo felt disconnected from the actual healing and yearned to be again involved in the direct care of others. Last summer he left the practice to return to body work and massage full-time. Not only did this again give him direct contact with the people in need of his services but it also gave him the time to focus on building his modeling career. The two worlds collided a little last month when one of the people in need of Mateo's massage skills happened also to be a regular reader of FH.

'I learned about your blog from a massage client. After his massage, he shared with me that he's also an art enthusiast, collecting images done by various photographers of the male physique, primarily. He loved the images I had put up on my massage ad, and suggested that I contact you. He says that he loves your blog and the males showcased, and thought that I would be perfect for a feature.'

When I was sent the link to Mateo's Model Mayhem page, I was instantly on board. Mateo has incredible variety of images displayed, with one of the most diverse range of looks of almost any model I have seen. Boy next door, preppy, sporty and fitness oriented through more raw and edgy looks, short and long hair, (his Tarzan phase) all incredibly engaging and sexy. The first row however, sealed the deal as I saw a set of images from an artist whose work I know and respect well. I really loved the sexy and sophisticated look captured by photographer Chris Teel.

When I mentioned to Mateo I would like to focus on his work with Chris, he mentioned he remembered he thought Chris might mentioned a possible submission to FH in the past. At the time, Mateo was unsure of what direction he wanted his modeling career to take, and how much skin that should entail, so the idea was put on hold for the time being. This piece of the story resonated with me given the feel and tone of the images. In this set there is very much a looking outward theme, not just physically, with the window, but emotionally as well. There is clearly intelligence and deep thought behind Mateo's beautiful blue eyes, an almost pensive pause, planning and looking towards what the future might hold. It surges within each of Mateo's images shot with Chris.

'Shooting with Chris was fantastic! He's animated, excited, and super down to earth. He is focused on creating really beautiful shots, and made me feel 100% comfortable. I wanted to get some updated nude images, just for me, and m shoot with him showcases the best shape I've EVER been in.'