Friday, August 30, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 31st

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R.I.P Rhoda

Most of the world loved Mary, but many of us would much rather hang with Rhoda. 
 R.I.P Valerie Harper

Final Exam

This is one exam some students don't mind cramming for

FaVorites: Scott Gardner

'I am making it a 2019 New Years Resolution to utilize my social media and modeling career, to spread inspiring words, encourage the youth to stay strong, spread love and to be there for my followers, my family and friends.'

Scott needn't of worried about spreading that love, as soon as I saw his images a few years ago, I was definitely smitten.  The Los Angeles based model is also a singer, and has been singing as long as he can remember and dreams of collaborating with some of his favorites including: Arianna Grande, Kim Petras, Troye Sevan and of course, Britney Spears.  He's got the moves down, can't wait for a music video!

Wilhelmina Models (Los Angeles)

Height: 6' 0" (182cm)
Waist: 31" (79cm) Shoes: 10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Suit / Coat: 38" (96.52cm)
Shirt: 15"
Inseam: 33" (83.82cm)

Scott by Prince and Jacob

Scott by Marco Ovando

Antho Palumbo: The Creative Conjecture


It's always fascinating to me when viewers confuse artists with their art.  Look at any photographer 's page on Instagram, and there are viewers commenting about how hot they are.  Some photographers have noted the images are not them, but models they have shot, but most stay silent, allowing the viewers fantasy to remain intact.

It's not that photographers aren't worthy of a little lustful attention, I've featured many artists who have dropped their camera, and occasionally their pants, and stepped in front of the lens.  Even those who haven't modeled, have posed for official portraits to accompany their sites, books and projects.

I think there's a natural curiosity about creators. It's not necessarily that we think artists should look like their subjects, it's more about perception and connecting a person with something creative that you enjoy.  I love looking at the images of writers often on the back of book jackets, especially a book I've enjoyed.  It's interesting to contrast what you enjoyed artistically, with what you see visually.  Not that matters, I'd love Stephen King books no matter what King looked like, but audiences enjoying connecting artists with art, even the visuals don't match up.

When I first discovered the work of Antho Palumbo,  I had no idea he spent his days capturing beautiful women in fields, on rocks and in streams.  I first discovered Antho's work on his personal Instagram page, a page full of beautiful selfies.  Antho's beautiful face and eyes, incredible body, and spectacular ass, were sensually captured in his self shots.

When I contacted the Italian photographer about featuring his work, I think he first thought I meant his work with female models as he directed me to his photographer page featuring his work shooting behind the lens.  I quickly clarified it was his self shots that I was first drawn to and motivated my getting in touch.

Antho's artist motto lies in his believe that passion is what truly drives the world.  This passion is seen in both his incredible images of women, and his self shots as well.  There is a similar look, a similar feel and a similar sensuality in the poses and movements in whichever beautiful body Antho is shooting, especially his own.