Monday, September 21, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

Londonboy by Finexposure
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Happy Birthday today September 21st

Happy Birthday to The Brewer Twins!

Hard to believe The Brewer Twins are turning 42 today. For many of us, they were part of our welcome to images of the male form when first going on-line.

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The Bottom Line: Ant

Rami Malek in Need For Speed

I only just began watching Mr. Robot, I just finished viewing episode three. It didn't take long however to get caught up in the story, and the beautiful and mysterious eyes of actor Rami Malek. I really have no idea what's going on, nor do I think I'm suppose to. The show is doing a good job of keeping my both interested and curious as it lays the ground work of what's to come.

Rami in Need For Speed (2014)

Tree Trunk: Londonboy by Finexposure

'I actually think the risk of discovery in some way makes the shoot more risqué, and thus an adventure. So far this has never actually happened, but some models are more wary than others.'

Since first introducing the imagery of Finexposure to FH readers earlier this summer we have mostly stayed indoors. With both July's feature with Amadeus and August's story featuring Siemesedream and the images included were mostly studio shots. Finexposure's Allen Beauvisage focus was squarely on fitness, pose and the male form.

Today however we head outside, into the woods with Allen and 29 year old model Londonboy. Allen shares that Londonboy works as a personal trainer and fitness model in Croydon on the outskirts of London. They connected via ModelMayhem and Allen reports that although Londonboy enjoyed the results of their work together, it was his girlfriend who especially loved the resulting images from the shoot.

Allen says that he is fortunate to live next a forest which he often uses for outdoor shoots. 'I park my car, and then walk into the forest with the model and camera gear, plus any clothing we might wish to use.' They chose a small clearing about 100 metres from the road and began to shoot. The forest had a variety of foliage, but I love that Allen chose to plant Londonboy beside and on top of the uprooted tree's that provided an interesting background, and platform for Londonboy's beautiful physique.

There wasn't a lot of sun, only weak sunlight interspersed with cloud, so Allen was required to fill in flash for some of the images which gives some of the final images a different, and interesting colouring. The prospect, whether real or theoretical, of being discovered, especially by all of the people who walk their dogs through this area of the forest, gave the shoot a sense of urgency and risk. Just in case, Allen brought along a quick change of clothing for his nude model, on the off chance they heard the sound of approaching voices.

'I think using nature as a backdrop to nude photography is actually quite creative and natural. A sort of return to nature without any of the baggage of civilisation, including clothing. Being naked, the model is literally "laid bare" with nowhere to hide. They are what they are, rather than what they hide behind when clothed and using the gadgets and paraphernalia of modern life!'