Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 29th

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A Raw Return: Jason by Shax Carter

Who remembers Jason?   If you don't, that's understandable.  Jason looks quite different than he did the first time I featured his work with photographer Shax Carter earlier this year.  Check out more from this series from Shax on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Seasonal Sightings:

Friends & their benefits 

Spencer Boldman in Welcome to Chippendales

'They just want to see flesh.'

Last year, I did a FaVorite FiVe piece featuring actor Spencer Boldman.  At the time, I hadn't seen any of Spencer's acting appearances.  Like so many of my posts, it was an images, in this case a hot shirtless shot of Spencer that motivated the piece. (HERE:)

I still haven't seen Boldman on screen, but I'm about to with Hulu's Welcome to Chippendales.  I'm only two episodes in and Boldman's character Lance shows up in episode 3.  I have seen him dance though, thanks to caps, gifs and videos from Casperfan.  I love checking out Casperfan's site, and his chronicling of Lance's strips has me looking even more so to Boldman's debut on the show.

I've been a little pokey with watching as I wasn't really grabbed by the first episode.  I love retro Chippendales and have featured many of the dancers and calendar models from the troupes early days in a series of themed posts. (HERE:)  For me, the first two episodes didn't really match the glamour and fantasy of the imagery I really like.  I'll cut it some slack however as the show is a behind the scenes look at the creator and club, not really the dancers themselves. 

Spencer Boldman on Instagram

Off With His Hat! Kyle by The Male Form by CP

'There are three stages of man: he believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he becomes a sexy Santa himself!'

There are so many rules surrounding fashion, even for men.  In addition to the no white after Labor Day, men are told not to wear leather in the summer, (and why would you...) never bottom the last button of a suit jacket and to always match your belt with our shoes. There's also the big rule once your each a certain age to never wear socks with your sandals. 

There are no rules however, when it comes to Christmas fashion.  Well, at least not rules most people listen to, especially when it comes to Santa hats.  Although most stick them back in the box on the 26th, I say you got more time than you think!   The actually 12 Days of Christmas actually run from December 25th until January 5th, so wearing one between Christmas and New Year's is perfectly fine!

Since however we are on the countdown to New Year's, I wanted to post one last set of shots for the season with a hot model in a sexy Santa hat.  This set of Kyle from The Male Form by CP arrived in my inbox after I posted shots of another model, the delicious and wet Koy in the shower earlier in the month. (HERE:)

'Kyle is the Typical clean cut American boy that everybody loves.  With his large cock size he's extra popular  on the site to boot! '

Kyle has been a popular addition to the site since he first appeared, arousing the interest and desire of viewers and lovers of the male form.  I certainly wasn't going to wait until next year to share these shots!  The Male Form by CP posts multiple times a day so there's always fresh content and tons of Kyle.  VIP member also get to choose a solo video of their choices.  From now until the New Year, you can use code 10 for $10 off any level membership!