Monday, January 23, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 24th

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Happy Birthday today January 24th

Happy 71st to actor Michael Ontkean!

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Tunnel Through


Although I still miss me some Taran Killam, SNL has done a decent job sliding Beck Bennett into the role of male lead for most (almost all) of the shows sketches. Beck has been on the show for awhile and created some great characters, but none as memorable as his prominently pectoral Putin.

Beck and his lovely and lickable nipples, made their debut in a Family Feud sketch last season. Since then, SNL's shirtless Russian dictator has returned on a fairly regular basis. Although Alec Baldwin is brilliant playing American's dictator, I am so tired of seeing the real thing on my television, I have struggled since November 9th to enjoy anything, even SNL realated. Beck, and his nipples however, do have some power, especially with keeping my fingers off the ff button.

The Wolfman's Den: Marc by YogaBear Studio

'Marc is exactly the type of model I most look forward to shooting. Of course, he’s physically arresting, with his powerful frame and his hypermasculine hirsute look. But he also truly loves the role of model—you can see it in his sexy selfies, and in the uninhibited energy he brought to our shoot.'

David shares he that he had wanted to work with Marc ever since spotting images on Marc's Tumblr blog. I understood exactly what David meant as I too was instantly draw to Marc's images.  I knew right away that I wanted to feature him on FH after seeing just one of his shots from YogaBear Studio. Marc's incredible beauty and sex appeal powerfully exudes from every one of his images starting his great head of curly long hair, his striking blue eyes, and then down each hair on his skin and every inch of his beautiful body.

Marc had been familiar with YogaBear Studio for a few years and had seen, and loved David's work which he had discovered on the net. Marc says he never thought he would have the opportunity to shoot with him, but reached out to him last year through his website about doing a shoot. Due to scheduling conflicts, they had to wait a year to finally get together, but finally found some time recently while Marc was visiting LA.

Marc's Model Mayhem nick is Beardedwolfman. and his tumblr, titled Hairy Bearded Man. Besides the obvious, Marc wanted a handle that wasn't only accurate, but also had a bit of personality along with it. Marc has been attracting the attention of many photographers recently and his tumblr is a combination of images from his professional shoots, steamy selfies as well as his thoughts and responses to his many followers. Although Marc's tumblr is only a few months old, if you plan a visit... be prepared to stay for awhile.

For Marc, modeling sort of grew out of his start as a webcam performer. To help promote his work, he created an Instagram account and began posting selfies. The response was so great, that he kept doing it, leading to Marc gaining interest from photographers who wanted to shoot. As far as taking off his clothes for the camera, there really were't any reasons not to. Although the reactions from others went though his head briefly, not enough to stop him. 'I figured the worst thing that could happen is I would get cast in a reality TV show....'

'Traveling has been the most fun and exciting aspect of modeling. I'm a small town boy at heart and I still get a rush when I'm on a plane and it takes off. It's very flattering when people want to work with me. I feel very blessed.'

As far as the downside of having his naked body easily googleable, but Marc does say that it has made dating a bit more difficult. When someone can easily access hundreds of photos of him with a few clicks, Marc has found it can sometimes given them the opportunity to create an image of who he is in their head. 'They have an idea of what my personality must be like, how I act, etc.; Then when we actually meet and my real personality doesn't match the persona they created it can be disappointing.'

'I try to have a good relationship with my body and my self-image but I'm still hard on myself. It's a journey. One thing modeling has taught me is to be more patient and accepting of my body and my perceived flaws. What I don't like about myself can be what someone else is really into it. My ass, arms, eyes, and pits get the most attention.'

'David was wonderful to work with, very professional and put me at ease right away. He communicates what he wants clearly which makes it easy to trust him and his vision. It's wonderful to be a part of a series of images that embraces natural masculine imagery. I hope to work with him again soon!'