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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 6th

Dakota Charles by Steve Jerome
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Happy Birthday today November 6th

Happy 22nd to singer and actor Xabiani Ponce De León!

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The adorable Xabiani is sort of the Mexican version of Zac Efron, singing, dancing and acting including roles in shows on Mexico's Disney channel.

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More Than Initially Meets The Eye: Dakota Charles by Steve Jerome

'I am almost always in awe of the model for his willingness to share his most intimate feelings and private parts with the viewer. I respect the model's openness and willingness to share. And I certainly hope that those who view the images are able to share my feelings as well.'

Ok, before you get lost in this set of images, go back and look at the image at top of the page I chose for pic of the day. It also won photographer Steve Jerome a well deserved win on Model Mayhems pic of the day contest. I loved the pose, the mood set and model Dakota Charles' beautiful face, eyes and hair. The pose, and the angle Steve shot reminded me a bit of Chris Hemsworth with his Thor look.

So yes, I mentioned face, eyes and of course Dakota's great head of hair. I am not deliberately ignoring the obvious, Dakota certainly does have a long list of impressive physical features. As beautiful as all of those features are, especially as shot by Steve, They, (it) was not the main reason I so wanted to featured Steve's work with San Diego based model.

The Internet is full of impressive bodies, and body parts. Most of those images, and most of those models we breeze past quickly though, giving them little more than a quick glance before moving on. Steve's images of Dakota had me longing to see more. Dakota just has that rare, unique quality that fills a picture with his personality and aura. His hair is of course incredibly sexy and his hazel eyes are both intelligent and kind. There is something clearly chilled about Dakota, it is in his unassuming confidence and his incredibly sly and sexy grin. Although we might be impressed with dimension, Dakota appears to care less.

Now, I am sure he cares, but I love that it is not his focus, Dakota's focus seems concentrating on connecting emotionally with the camera and those enjoying his images. Steve describes the shoot as enjoyable throughout. Dakota had asked in advance about bringing his wife along to the shoot. Although many photographers feel significant others may stilt a model's comfortability, Steve always welcomes relatives of friends as his experiences is it usually helps them feel more comfortable. 'You always know that your results will be good when the model is at ease and has the desire to do well.'

Dakota is interested in all aspects of modeling, but finds that the industry is a difficult nut to crack. 'There always seems to be one element missing each time," he says. "It is either my hair or my weight or something else. I don't mind hard work and also enjoy learning about the other side of the camera and editing. If you ever need a hand on a shoot these muscles do more than look good :)' Although I compared his look to Chris Hemsworth, Steve says in person, Dakota also reminded him of Leonardo DiCaprio. Hard to believe with that combo, success isn't just up ahead

Although they did not have perfect weather for the outdoor shots, Steve shares that Dakota was more than willing to brave the somewhat uncomfortable conditions outside in the buff. Steve says that Dakota's long hair gave them the opportunity to shoot a variety of looks with his hair pulled back and flowing fully for some great contrasting shots. If you can't get enough of Dakota, check out Steve's site where you can see more of his work, and check out prints, with Dakota and others models. Also, check out a few more images from this shoot on the FH Over-Flow!

'A model's status as straight, bi or gay means nothing to me. What matters is the model's personality and willingness to commit to the endeavour. Almost all of the models I shoot are comfortable with nudity before I even meet them, but what means more than being willing to take off their clothes is their willingness to let their personality shine through the camera lens. Only a few of the men I've shot have so much confidence that they need no coaching. Most want direction from me, and I am more than happy to provide it. I know what I want to see from each model, and when I communicate that correctly, the results are spectacular. My appreciation of what they have to offer almost always comes through in the photography.'

Dakota Charles on Model Mayhem & Instagram

A Sighting In Salem: Daniel Cosgrove

I still occasionally swoop into Salem when I have a day off from work and over the past year or so I have found myself paying attention to Aiden Jennings. Sadly, I have heard the character is soon to be written off which is too bad as Daniel Cosgrove is delicious and would beautifully fulfil any of my daddy fantasies. I recognized the actor right away when I first saw him on the show, but it wasn't until I started working on this piece that I remembered from where.

Cosgrove has been on television for close to 20 years with roles on both daytime and prime-time television. I was surprised to connect that Cosgrove also played frat boy Richard Bagg in the 2002 Ryan Reynolds flick Van Wilder. If anyone remembers Van Wilder, in addition to Reynolds brief butt scene, Cosgrove had one of the flicks most memorable scenes (see caps below) with his use of an office garbage can.

Beverly Hills 90210 (2000)

Dirty Sexy Money

All My Children

Van Wilder (2002)