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Seasonal Sightings

 Almost time for the winter coat, it's getting chilly out there!

Horror Hunks: The Cast from Fright Night

'If you love being scared, it'll be the night of your life.'

This past summer, after another viewing of The Princess Bride, I posted about actor Chris Sarandon.  I loved Chris in the film, and found an old nude scene showing the actors butt from the 1976 film Lipstick. (HERE:)  While piecing together the post, I used a few caps from the horror, comedy Fright Night.  I remembered seeing the film on VHS when I was a kid, but thought it was a time to re-visit the 1985 film.

In the film, a teenager, Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) discovers that a newcomer in his neighborhood is actually a vampire.  Charley then turns to Peter Vincent, (Roddy McDowall) an actor from a television show, to help him deal with the undead.

When I first saw the film, my focus was on the adorable William Ragsdale.  William was just so adorable as Charley, and I was sure he'd be a big star.  Ragsdale  never really matched the success and fandom he achieved in Fright Night, but he has continued to work steadily on television, in films and on stage. 

 On stage, he starred in two of the three parts of Neil Simon's Trilogy in plays Biloxi Blues and Brighton Beach Memoirs  On television, Ragsdale may be most famous for his turn in the critically acclaimed comedy Herman's Head.  Since then, he's appeared on dozens of television show with his most recent appearances being in shows such as The Deuce, Younger, The Blacklist, and Only Murders in the Building.  

Ragsdale had actually auditioned to play Rock Dennis in Mask, but the role eventually went to Eric Stoltz.  The casting director however, remembered his audition and thought he'd be perfect for the the role of Charley Brewster.  After several auditions, he eventually won the role beating out several other more well known actors at the time including Charlie Sheen.

Jonathan Stark

The film was a box office hit, but it was years after it's release the film has been appreciated as a Halloween cult classic. The original was followed by a sequel, Fright Night Part 2, in 1988, and a remake in 2011, which was in turn followed by Fright Night 2: New Blood in 2013. In October 2020, original director Tom Holland confirmed that he was writing a direct sequel to the original film titled Fright Night: Resurrection that would bring back characters from the original film and would ignore the 1988 sequel.

Chris Sarandon

Stephen Geoffreys

Although originally, it was all about Ragsdale, there were other hotties in the original Fright Night Film.  I was too young to appreciate the unique hotness of Chris Sarandon at the time, but I've since gained an intense appreciation.  Actor Roddy McDowall, as well as Jonathan Stark and Stephen Geoffrey's rounded out the main male cast members.

There wasn't much nudity in the film, nor was it really needed.  As Charley watches through the window, we do get a had a quick view of actress Irina Irvine and her beautiful breasts.  The only other 'sort of nude scene' comes from Evil Ed, (Stephen Jeffreys) when he transform from a werewolf back into human form.

With the exception of Ragsdale, who showed very little skin on screen, each other other male cast members did have additional on-screen nudity.  I did two pieces featuring the scenes on the next page.  Two, (yes one was McDowall) had butt scenes in films, and one had a brief butt scene on television.(HERE:)  The forth, showed it all during his stint in gay porn throughout the 1990's. (HERE:)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: Butt Seriously!

'Just let me give you a regular, good old-fashioned body slam in the ring. You won't be able to walk for a week. I'm a superman.;

I'm not a huge fan of wrestling, but I am a fan of hot wrestlers, especially ones with beautiful backsides.  Wrestler Maxwell Tyler Friedman (MJF) has such an incredibly delicious derriere,  so many of his opponents want to get a close-up view.  Some just yank down his briefs, others go the old wrestling stand-by of giving Friedman a wedgie.  Either way we get a little exposure is just fine with me!

Born in Plainview, New York, Friedman began working those glutes playing football in High School.  After briefly attending college, he entered the world of wrestling working for the Major League Wresting, (MLW) where he was a former MLW World Tag Team Champion.  He departed MLW in 202 and is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he is the current holder of the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring, and the leader of The Firm. 

Back in 2001, when Friedman was just a kid, he appeared on an episode of The Rosie O'Donnell Show singing 'You Are My Sunshine.  His parents had submitted a tape of him singing the song while eating a pear.  When a video of his performance (HERE:) surfaced in 2019, Friedman, while in his MJF character, initially denied that it was him.  He later admitted the cute little kid singing was indeed him. 

Friedman has a truly amazing ass, and I love the facial expressions he makes when he's being exposed.  I know he's in on the joke, and I think he and the owners of All Elite Wrestling know exactly what they're doing, and exactly the audience they're trying to reach. 

Visual Strangers: Sebastien Clermont by Chris Teel

'I’ve never been a prudish person, and I don’t have any problem with people seeing my naked body, whether they be strangers or people I know.'

I don't think you can really be an artist if you're not willing to take risks.  Most art is personal, rooted in emotion, and expressed visually for others to see, feel and judge.  You can't expose yourself in that way without the courage to embrace both the possibility of both success, and the possibility of rejection.  It makes sense then, that model Sebastien Clermont has such a laid back attitude when it comes to nudity. 

Modeling is just a small part of how the Montreal based artist expresses himself creatively., In addition to working in front of the camera, Sebastien is also a visual artist, filmmaker and photographer.  Being involved in so many parts of the creative process,  Sebastien is always challenging his own perspectives and boundaries, as well as those who view his art and his modeling work.  

Sebastien's use of the word stranger really resonated with me, especially when it comes to art and the nude male form.  There was a time before the Internet, when artists showed their work in gallery's and art shows, often getting to know many of those who enjoyed and purchased their work.  Today, the space between artists and art collectors and between models and viewers has stretched to limits we could never image.  

In many ways, it's incredible the people and places artists can reach.  In other ways, it's forced many to expose their art, their emotions, their bodies, to faceless followers and hits on a website.  That's one of the reasons I like getting to know the artists and models that I feature, and one of my favorites is  photographer Chris Teel.

I was recently on Chris' Twitter and realized that's it's been too long since I've featured his work.  After seeing one of his shots of Sebastien, I quickly got in touch about the possibility of featuring their work together.  I loved Sebastien's look. In addition to his beautiful face and body, he has an almost ethereal quality that is especially felt and seen, through his expressive brown eyes.    

With both Chris and Sebastien on board, it was then time for the difficult job of narrowing down images.  Chris sent along so many incredible shots, it wasn't an easy task.  Sebastien was also gracious to answer all my questions about his work as an artist, as a model, and his creative collaboration with Chris. 

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