Monday, August 31, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st


Today, being the September 1st, is the last, last gasp of summer. There were a few stories I did for last week that I didn't have room for, so am posting them today. Hope a few of you enjoyed last week's end of summer themed stories.

Happy Birthday today September 1st

Above: Jason with Terrell Owens and Heidi Klum

Happy 41st to former defensive end Jason Taylor!

Check out Jason and more of today's birthday boys HERE: 


Photographer Ken Haak first appeared on FH in a 2008 post that became the blog's most popular post that year. No wonder, Haak's images of Tony Ward have are truly incredible. (In Praise Of Tony Ward) In the summer 2013, thanks to a FH reader, Haak again graced FH, this time in a full day's worth of pieces celebrating the artist's work. Check out the 5 summer themed pieces below.

Paul Richmond: Summer Read

A big part of my summers as a child was always reading. Without school or homework, there was time to dive into worlds that came alive in my imagination. With school closed, the only quick access to books for me was the book mobile. The Library was about an hour away, and I was lucky to get in there even once over the summer. The book mobile, came every Friday afternoon from 3:30pm-5:30pm in the parking lot of my elementary school. From Archie digests through The Hardy Boys and Danny Dunn, I couldn't wait for that book mobile to arrive on Friday afternoons.

Book covers were always the first reason to pick up a novel and read the synopsis on the back cover. One of the best parts of reading as a kid was staring at the cover at different points during reading connecting the visual to the written word. Sadly, I didn't have cover illustrations from artist Paul Richmond, if I had, I might never have turned out my light at night. Here are a few of my favorite of Paul's cover illustrations, covers that have me wanting to buy the book for my next trip to the beach or cottage.

Ice Chest

When growing up, before everyone seemed to have air conditioning in their homes... there was a quick way to cool down in the middle of the night. On those nights the heat kept sleep from coming, a trip to the kitchen to stand in front of the open fridge and freezer door was the best way to cool down quickly. Usually, when standing there, one would grab an ice cube and slide it slowly across the back of your neck, along your wrists and down the middle of your chest.

I love a good 'creative' theme within the photography of the male form and I started collecting 'men in kitchens' awhile ago. I only recently realized I had enough fridge images to make a post. A hot summer's day seemed as good a time as any!