Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 1st

Samuel Boux by Pierre Jean (see more below).

Happy Birthday today February 1st to:

Birthday boy Myron Hensel (shot above by Andrea Vecchiato)
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Favorite Video Of The Day:

Former model turned model Rib Hillis from Passions, Port Charles, Baywatch and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Natural Light beer. It goes down easy. Rib Hillis is the Most Inappropriate Man in the World.

From "ACME Saturday Night," the live online TV show

Written by: Rib Hillis, Leif Gantvoort and Jen Parker
Concept by:Rib Hillis
Directed by: Leif Gantvoort
Starring: Rib Hillis, Leif Gantvoort, Travis Richey and Jessica Lovelace Chandler.

Towards Spring: Samuel Boux

21 year old musician and model Samuel Boux is one of my favorite guys to post about on FH. Not only because I love his look and that he is immensely talented. The self described '24/7 thinker' always has interesting things to say.

I like to let FH reader know whenever Samuel posts new music on his ReverbNation page. Samuel's last two songs reflect the changes he has gone through over the past few months. Samuel tells me 'Returning To The Spring' is not about the season, but refers to water, spring water from a well or stream. 'pure, clean, untouched, back to the roots when we were drinking living water'. Although not directly about the season, both definitions of spring are rooted in the earth, soil, water and a more organic way of living. Samuel also has given up veganism which he practiced for the past year. 'If we eat fresh and are in balance with nature we will be healthy. I don't think that we need a 'ism' label.' Samuel talks more about this change on his Model Mayhem Page.

'Returning To The Spring' might also connect to Samuel's returning home. Samuel had been living in San Fransisco the past six months with his boyfriend Jesse. Jesse has moved north to Montreal with Samuel and both are looking forward to getting married in Canada. Samuel says the song, 'Heading North' is about the move and was written for Jesse.

You can check out more of Samuel and show him support on:

Model Mayhem HERE:
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Shots of Samuel included by Pierre Jean.

Samuel Boux by Pierre Jean

'I am interested in how the relationship between the camera and the model can capture an essence that transcends plain portraiture. I am also interested in abstract "bodyscapes".'
Pierre Jean

Since returning to Montreal, Samuel Boux has shot with several photographers from the area. These striking images were the first to catch my eye. Pierre creates dynamic images using basic shapes, crisp lines and vibrant blacks and whites to create almost an solitary strength exuding from his subjects.

I first became aware of Pierre's work last fall when I was researching the profile I posted this past Sunday of Stefan Alexander. I have become a huge fan of his work, his style and especially of the interesting models he chooses to showcase with his talents.

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