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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 19th

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Itskvcey: Lens Reversal

'He’s one of my best friends.'

I love straying from the path.  There's nothing better than heading down one road, then seeing something eye catching, and heading in a totally different direction.  That's exactly how this piece came about.  My plan, a simple 'favorite' post featuring model and adult film actor Ben Masters.  Although I'd never seen one of Ben's films, I saw some of his modeling shots, and wanted to find more.

I wasn't so interested in Ben's promotional shots  promoting his films or the film studios, but his work modeling work and collaborations with photographers.  I headed first to Ben's Instagram, and after getting his ok, started choosing some of my favorite shots.  At the top of the list, were two shots from photographer  Itskvcey.  

I quickly realized that Itskvcey, (KC) was not only the photographer of two of my favorite shots of Ben, but one of his best friends.  The two met about seven years ago, and if you check out KC's Instagram or Twitter, you'll find of pics of the besties together, including a video for a recent underwear snow run into a freezing pond.  It was also impossible to ignore some of KC's incredible self-portraits.  

As a photographer and retoucher, KC is experienced capturing beauty and glamour, and both were sensually evident in his self-shots. Thankfully, KC was on board with my not only featuring his work with Ben, (which you can check out in the post below) but also with my sharing some of my favorite shots of the hotness on the other side of the lens. 

Ben Masters: FaVorites

'Good boy doing bad things' 😉

I've said it before, not all porn stars make good models.  Although they both sell erotic illusion, there are differed skill sets required for each profession.  When modeling, the goal is to set a tone, a mood, meaning sensual expression often needs to be quieter and more subtle.  In adult films, subtly is rarely in the mix. 

Like many adult film stars I feature, my introduction to Ben Masters came from an image.  I saw some shots of Ben on Instagram from Rick Day, and had to find out more about the model in focus.  I love exploring visual contrasts and I certainly felt that in Ben's look.  On one hand, he looks like the boy next door, the high school athlete who every girl and every gay boy, has a crush on. 

Along with Ben's sweet smile, and wholesome all American good looks, there was strong sense of sexual awareness exuding from his imagery.  Ben is keenly aware of being an object of affection, and a stimulate for solitary sex, and beautifully incorporates it in his poses and deportment in front of the camera. 

Ben by  Itskvcey

As stated in the post above, two of my favorite shots come from photographer KC  (Itskvcey).  Given his close friendship with Ben, I think the image above and below capture a side of  Ben not seen through his selfies or work with other artist. These two images have an sensuality and intimacy that comes through relationship and trust.  I especially love the beautiful mood KC set, even a clear shot of Ben's face or eyes.

Remaining shots by RickDayNYC

Rick Day always captures eye catching, sexually strong imagery and his work with Ben was no exception.  If you're curious, yes, there were some frontals, but I chose not to include them.  As a porn star, Ben's penis is often the focus, but as beautiful as it is, it wasn't what drew me to his look, or his work as a model. 

Adult film companies obviously focus on body parts when promoting their models and films, that's completely understandable.  On the other hand, piles of penis shots, especially erect, often draw focus and often lead to the man attached to be merely a trophy holder rather than a full fledged human being.  With these shots from Rick, the image above, more than any of the frontals, were with the focus on Ben's eyes, is much hotter and far more engaging to me.

Nick Corri in Tropical Snow

'On arrival at the airport in New York they show nerves and all their dreams start to shatter...'

Many of you  have seen actor Nick Corri naked, even if you didn't know it.  His very quick frontal from the 1986 Goldie Hawn film, Wildcats, often makes the rounds.  Most likely, because standing next to Nick, also flashing a frontal, is actor Wesley Snipes.  I've always been more partial to Nick however, and featured his tighty whitie scene from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, during my salute to Wes Craven back in 2015. (HERE:)

I recently saw the image of Nick and Wesley posted again, and this time, decided to take a deeper dive into the actors career, and nude scenes I might find,  Nick was a bit difficult to search as he used the credit of 'Nick Corri' only during his early years in Hollywood.  By the late 1990's, he was using his real name, Jsu (Jesus) Garcia as his official credit. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

As 'Nick Corri', the actor had a busy and successful career during the eighties.  he appeared on television in shows including;  Fame,  The Facts of Life, Miami Vice and The Bronx Zoo, and in films including; Wildcats, Slaves of New York and Gotcha.  When the nineties rolled around, his career slowed down a bit although he still appeared frequently on television in shows including; Babylon Five, Red Shoe Diaries, JAG and Murder She Wrote.

Wildcats (1986)

During the 2000's, Corri, now Garcia, returned to appearing in major motion pictures with roles in films which included; Collateral Damage and We Were Soldiers.  Garcia also went behind the camera, directing and producing.  He also wrote, produced and starred in 2007's Spiritual Warriors. Garcia also went on to become an ordained minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, founded by John-Roger.

Image below from SOMS

It was during the 80's however when he appeared to have his biggest box offices successes, and his three on-screen nude appearances.  In 1998, still credited as Nick Corri, Nick appeared nude in both Tropical Snow with  Madeleine Stowe and The Lawless Land.  Both nude scenes feature Nick's character being arrested, stripped and interrogated.  Not much is shown in The Lawless Land, but if you want to check it out, I did find a copy on Youtube. (HERE:)  There is a bit more of Corri in Tropical Snow which you can see below. 

Tropical Snow (1998)

Gustavo 'Tavo' Luna and his lover Marina try to resist the dangerous drug courier business she already lost a relative to. But as decent jobs are impossible to find in their native Bogota and pocket-picking seems almost as dangerous,

Tavo risks carrying cocaine as stowaway on a flight to the Antilles but is caught and jailed. To pay a lawyer to free him, Marina lets dealer Oskar enlist them as couriers on a flight to New York, where family can help them.